Baby Crib Designs For The Cute Baby Rooms Interior

cot design soft nuances nursery set decorating

What to consider when choosing baby cribs

No matter whether in the parents room or in another, the cot in a remote and very warm place should be located. The air in the room must be always fresh, the room must be well ventilated. However, it may take too much in any case. No matter how good the insulation, it must be not under a window or next to an outside wall.

The Chair next to the Cot has turned into an almost mandatory element

baby cot design modern compact green Chair

A comfortable cot for girls

baby cot cot girl pink bedding

Comfortable and secure

In the first place, the cot should be very comfortable. This is also very important, because in this way you will save much stress and sleepless nights are. Much faster than you think, the age will come, in which children will grow up and move back and forth. They must be absolutely sure when they get up.

The white ambiance and the white pieces of furniture are spiced up by stark tones

cot design white simply elegant

Baby cot with linen with OWL theme

baby room Interior cot Red Chair

Baby’s room in the vintage style

baby room set round red carpet Chair

You must maintain a special, just as warm and secure place, also the changing table. Most practical if there are directly next to it also a cabinet with the baby things. Think also of a combination of three things. More and more brands that produce baby cot offer just such models.

Compact baby room furniture

baby cot design nursery beige carpet Dresser

A highly functional design

baby cot functional design drawers shelves

If you have a second child or plan, there should be also from the beginning in place for this. So it would feel, first, not neglected, and secondly, would need to take, when it comes afterwards, no expensive conversions. Advantage of combined models that include baby crib, changing table and Cabinet, is that these have been carried out in a uniform style. So can be inserted more easily they in the total facility.

The cot takes the central place in the baby’s room

nursery set up baby bed blue accents wooden floor

Important requirements

Important universal requirements are especially designed that the child grows up healthy, safe and happy. Therefore we would recommend you to follow this. The children, these are first lateral interlocking, are at least 60 cm high, have baby beds. The bottom should be smooth and quite firm. Because at this time the body of the little ones should be just. Deformation would thus be ruled out. The materials should be as far as possible of course. The selection is doing very great. It includes both rattan and wood.

Baby bed with square shape

nursery set up COTS design plants toys

Boisterous baby bed that looks as a coach

nursery set cot design coach

Also a stylish baby cot must be selected for an elegant baby room

baby rooms baby bed elegant design baby crib

Fins or a frame under the mattress with openings, so a substructure is also a must. Because without this baby bed was not good enough ventilated. The latter is in turn for the little ones of fundamental importance. Avoid the sharp edges and any kind of dangerous ornaments.

Think also in itself. A happy child has happy parents. Consider the purchase of a bed on wheels that can be moved during the day back and forth. Should be the best a stopper mechanism, so that the bed can be mounted if necessary at one point. So it can not slip on inclined planes.

Baby bed on wheels

baby cot wheels airy fresh curtains nursery


The children grow fast and you should customize the design to their new needs. Search the manufacturer which also think that if you want new purchase does not necessarily every year. Alternatively you have to prepare, that you may again need to something to resale, so that you can make time and again quality furniture. Represents the good solution, that you start first with a bed set and slowly expand the Interior through additional modules.

Baby furniture set in white

nursery cot design girl

The trends

In the establishment of nurseries for older children, one observes the combination of bed and sofa. From a certain age at the earliest from the age of seven, that would be a very good idea. Also, the many built-in drawers have become a must. You will ensure that the toys and other stray items be cleaned up easily.

Baby bed with drawers is a particularly practical choice

baby cot white design drawers carpet

Baby room with white sofa for greater convenience for parents

baby cot design white sofa stool wood floor

Built-in LED lights

Good lighting will help to improve the hygiene and also for more security in the baby’s room. Around the baby bed, it takes almost everywhere good light. Invest that’s why, if you can, great built-in lighting.

A typical nursery for girls is decorated in pink

baby cot design colored bedding pink carpet

Peach color for the walls and broken white baby furniture

baby cot elegant design Teddies girl

Through the funny wall design baby bed is better

baby cot white cot beautiful wall decoration nursery

Bed linen in white and pink with floral motifs, which are also in the other decorative elements

baby room set white pink round rug

A stunning design with Moon and stars

Ausgefallnes baby bed baby room design half moon star wall decoration

Baby room with pink walls, stresses on their background the white cot

nursery set cot Pink Wall color

White cot on white carpet

nursery set up white carpet of black Chair

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