Children’s Room In LEGO Style Set Up

nursery In LEGO style set up wood

Playful project by Lola glamour

Certainly, there are no children in the world who would give up the LEGO game. The little ones love this incredible project full of castles, houses, bridges, cars, space ships, which have created the LEGO designers. Inspired by the connection between the children and this game, have the designer of the furniture company Lola glamour designed children’s furniture in LEGO style.

Children’s LEGO set up style

children's LEGO style set up bed

Hand made furniture characterized by interesting colours and unusual shapes, that interest the children. Such turbulent Interior would fit with every modern nursery. The furniture is highly functional and provide extra storage space for the toys. We all know it, the place in this space is never enough. The cabinets, drawers and storage area are built in the original wooden furniture in such a way that they don’t spoil the Visual effect. The LEGO pieces of different sizes are used not only as decoration, but also as doors, handles, etc.

Stackable ordered Cabinet

baby room In LEGO style set up ideas

The playful atmosphere would delight any child and after games arouse their desire.

Cot with extra storage space, including baby room In LEGO style set up bed design

Closet of several parts

nursery In LEGO style setting up wardrobe

Absolutely practical and functional design

nursery LEGO style setting up open Cabinet

Seating from LEGO pieces

nursery beautiful baby room LEGO style set up seat

Wall decoration in the LEGO style

LEGO stones Lola glamour nursery furniture

Thematic flower pot

nursery In LEGO style setting up flower pot

Flash, bright colours

children's LEGO style setting up colors

More fun and enjoyment for children

nursery In LEGO style set up yellow red

Dress hanger out of LEGO pieces nursery In LEGO style set up coat hanger

Bookshelves for happy kids nursery In LEGO style set red

Red color scheme

nursery In LEGO style set up red theme

Loving and cute children’s room design

nursery In LEGO style set up cabinets

nursery Fröhlich LEGO style set pieces of the shelf, what are the LEGO toys