Children’s Scandinavian Set Up Made Easy!

You want to set a Scandinavian children’s room?

Natural sustainability – the undisputed trend of living par excellence! Each year a more and more increasing development evident in this direction, especially when it comes to design and materials. Also, this time on the new at the furniture fair IMM Cologne could and at Heimtextil 2017 quite clearly see fair. Of course the innovative and stylish creations that were nominated for or have won the German design award are just as groundbreaking. The trend shows clearly – more clarity, serenity, and optimum functionality. This one just can’t see over the influence of Scandinavian design. Because this style of living is for all these aspects and puts even a on it with the livability typical for the Nordic residential.

Is Scandinavian also in this country for a long time all the rage, especially when it comes to your own four walls. The clean lines, smooth colors and organic, often curved forms ensure that you really feel at home easy. This feeling of security can be particularly well implemented, Scandinavian set up the nursery. Because not only the furniture in this style, but also the accessories and textiles will secure a homely atmosphere to your children.

Scandinavian set up nursery

nursery set Scandinavian round table chairs for kids

Traditional Scandinavian furniture and textile manufacturers such as inter style, Muuto and Røros Tweed, just a few to name a few, produce high-quality articles that offer a first-class comfort not only us adults, but also our children, of course.

Scandinavian children’s furniture have always something magical in itself.

Cute white beds and commodes, such, for example, on, with soft duvets and pillows in colorful colors conjure up a cosy ambience itself without further ADO. These chairs join in dusty pink or sky blue and handmade stuffed toys such as dolls and small sweet males.

The Oliver furniture conversion set has done particularly’s us. A kids wooden high bed with lots of storage and room under the bed frame – designed not only practical, but also very playful. A small sofa, two chairs and a mini table are even. A great furnishing idea!

The Oliver furniture conversion set with medium bed

Scandinavian set oliver nursery furniture umbauset white high bed sofa table chairs

The conversion set with Loft bed

nursery Scandinavian set up oliver furniture umbauset lounge cushion Chair

In FERM living we have discovered our favorite child lamps – the air baloon lamps made of wood. Simply gorgeous! They are available in pink, gray and oak and they can easily attach to the wall. Wall decorations and wall stickers are here also plenty to find. Patterned storage basket made of fabric, children wallpapers with delicate figures and a wide range of pillows and bed linen is available for election.

The air balloon lamp pink

Scandinavian set wall lamps air baloon girl room children's room

Brand new in the assortment with FERM living are the little architect chairs and tables. These are decorated with their perfect straight-line design and optimum ergonomics. Your kids will love this easy. Promised!

The elegant little architect chairs with table

Scandinavian set girl room little nursery architect Chair for kids table lamp

And Yes… don’t forget the ground! He must feel also very soft and warm. Best it can be with plank flooring or parquet rules and of course with the appropriate for kids to do this.

It is in fact not so heavy Scandinavian setting up the nursery. You need no special designer skills, but only love and a little gut feeling when choosing the perfect children’s furniture and home accessories. And you can find these intended.

Have fun setting up and a good luck!

Convenient wall storage with a playful touch in FERM living

nursery Scandinavian set children wallpaper ferm living

Anne Wendlandt, the sweet my deer lamp on the wall has designed

Scandinavian set children's Wall lamps young room my deer lamp oak

The matching children wallpaper for little Indian

nursery Scandinavian set up high bed kindertapette bed linen ferm living

And some inspirations from Scandinavia:

nursery Scandinavian wood baby sisal carpet wanddeko

Scandinavian flair in the nursery on

nursery Scandinavian cot linen bag mobile gray happy lucky

nursery set Scandinavian happygreyluckynursery Scandinavian set up round for Kids bedding happygreylucky

A white fairy tale in the baby’s room on

nursery Scandinavian baby bed white chest of drawers wood floor natural brit co

A sophisticated, space-saving idea on

Handmade and natural materials do well your children

Scandinavian set wooden horse crib nursery ground natural wood

Scandinavian design classics and geometric patterns

nursery Scandinavian set Cot of for kids chairs round table children wallpaper

Functional lightness and dynamic wall decoration

nursery Scandinavian kids bed shelves stuffed toy rocking chair

Flash colors here and there use as accents

metal bed nursery Scandinavian children wallpaper round carpet of beanbag soft toys set

A striped rug introduces additional dynamics in the space

nursery skandinavsich metal bed black striped carpet

Or do you prefer it colorful?

skandinavsich for kids-Indian Tepee Wall shelves Dresser crib nursery

Especially in the Scandinavian design less is more as you know often!

nursery Scandinavian bicycle wood kids wall decoration