Colorful Wall Sticker For Card Drawings In The Nursery

colorful wall sticker card drawings Toddler Room bed map

Elegant children’s room with colourful wall stickers for card drawings in the toddler room ideas

Everyone knows that children sometimes have the strangest and fantasiereichsten ideas. This is no secret! Children try to collect information from around the world: people in their environment, things that touch them and things that they have in their room. Thus, this project was born. Have a look at these photos! Boring white walls, the usual ground, unattractive furniture look perfect in conjunction with many colors and posters. Due to a simple idea, the room with joy and liveliness is filled. The whole world seems to be placed in this room. Your child meet countries, regions and continents now! Show exactly the place where your child lives and lives, by you decorate his or her room with colorful wall sticker ideas.

Large map in the nursery, playground with table and chairs and a bed in the corner

colorful wall sticker card drawings nursery playground decoration

Playground for the children with white table and small chairs, as well as a map on the wall and a carpet on the floor

colorful wall sticker card drawings children's playground table chairs

Robot – wall hooks in red and colorful map of the United States in the nursery

colorful wall sticker card drawings nursery wall hook map