Convertible Space-saving Furniture Of Covers Nursery

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zebra stripes runner elegance nursery style bright colors

Convertible space saving furniture for the nursery

The establishment of children’s room can be a real challenge. Children grow up very quickly, so it is very difficult to predict what they will need in the next month or even next year. Here are a few great tips for you, the parents of today’s young people:

If your teenagers are listening to to enjoy the songs of Katy Perry and begin to dress up like Marilyn Manson, you can do the following: turn a desk into a bed, hide the bed behind the wall and transform a boys room in a Pajama-Party room.The Italian designer company CLEI has on these convertible, space-saving beds and specialized desks, which as you can see, perfect fit every nursery.

Urban interiors – striking orange wall

Orange wall decoration nursery space-saving furniture

Deep pink colour

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery red fitted mattresses

1. the contrast between the bold colors such as pink to the neutral grey / white color scheme makes this bedroom modern and playful look, without seeming too garish.

Glamorous surfaces and colorful colors

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery modern grey carpet

2. what appears here as an ordinary desk, shows seamless a hidden Murphy bed.

The Desk under bed hidden

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery red fitted mattresses

3. the exposed Cabinet bed is stable and comfortable, while the original desk is carefully hidden.

Girlish nursery design

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery desk plate factual

4. a built-in shelf system makes this girl nursery look chic and practical.

Attached a second single bed for a family guest

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery wood flooring beds

5. If this supple, turquoise desk is transformed into a bed, he transformed into an oasis for Pijama parties or bed and breakfast.

This foldable design is not only practical, but also ergonomic

compact convertible furniture plate storage room

6. under the Murphy bed storage space and he is I even taller than he looks.

It is time to learn – can prepare your students, their homework!

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery turquoise table top office

7. the minimalist desk appears to have many components, but so you can easily clean up the room.

Large orange squares pimp the urban interior on

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery soft carpet grey

8. this creative oriented Office area is colorful and bright, perfect for realisation of the next brilliant idea.

During the day – a desk

orange white colors wardrobe fitted carpet nursery

9 shelves on casters are free mobile, easy fit and comfortable in the room.

And at night – comfortable bed

shelves bed nursery modern urban establishment

10. even better, roll the shelves under the desk and get free space for the hidden bed. This modern Home Office now serves as a comfortable bed and breakfast.

Municipal nursery design – green yellow color scheme

yellow orange glittering surfaces built in wardrobe

Soft grey carpet

geometric prints idea design wall built a bench

Happy green shades

green nuances nursery white fitted carpet

A furniture design on a wall

out folding bar bed carpet white shelves desk

Is it not time to learn?

nursery modern bench seat carpet shelf desk

Modular shelving system keeps your books

nursery Wall shelves wardrobe built runner

A contemporary Loft bed with folding design

cot bunk bed round brown soft carpet nursery furniture

Transparent cabinet doors show large closets

wardrobe blue orange shelves wall nursery transformed furnituregirlish nursery design purple bedding girly nursery Blau floor racer

Folding cot

purple violet combination green wall mounted cabinets desk

White background contrasting with the bright colours of the furniture

minimalist colorful girly nursery white carpet floor

Several green shades refresh interiors

low bedside table rollers moving carpet soft grey nursery

Vibrant orange color is cheerful and playful

Orange bed frame frame headboard furniture nursery Wall shelves the desktop is hidden under the bedspace-saving furniture of Fürs nursery modern grey carpet

Would you opt for such an establishment idea?

space-saving furniture of Fürs nursery modern convertible designsspace-saving furniture of Fürs nursery red fitted mattresses wonderful views of the mountains could enjoy one from here Wunderlich natural environment glass wall nursery design

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