Cot With Storage Space Power The Nursery Of Functional

COTS storage drawers functional design elegant

Cot with storage space – beautiful ideas, how to create more storage space in the nursery

Children’s rooms are rooms where you need lots of storage space. Toys, clothes, shoes, and what should also still have their place there. Although the confusion partly for the nursery is typical and somehow still cute it makes a certain order also in this room is desired. Where as with all this stuff, which often arises? The cot could also help in such cases.

Beautiful girl bed with drawers

cot with storage drawers girls room set colorful accents

Simple but functional design with open shelves

cot with storage space compact design open shelves

In addition to cabinets and shelves, children’s beds represent a practical storage space. A cot with storage could keep a large portion of the items in the nursery, and compensate for the lack of space. What you put there, is your own business. Main thing is that the bed functionally serves and is in the Organization of the interior design of benefit.

Kids bunk bed with drawers is a functional solution for the double room

cot with storage drawers open shelves high bed coloured cushion

Bed with storage room is practical and modern

cribs nursery set up colored drawers carpet white paint

So choose a crib, which benefited the whole room. Such furniture are particularly popular in small rooms, which meet more than one function. One such piece of furniture is the bed in the small bedroom. There is a facet-rich variety of children’s beds, which are not simple beds, but have a solid storage area. Several are the ways on which the storage space in the bed design is integrated. Has drawers, which are located at the bottom of the bed, or it’s a bunk bed where you turned the stairs into unique drawers and shelves. Combinations of drawers and shelves are practical and creative. There are also models in which the bed with an additional construction is connected, which fulfills the function of a shelf. Roll-away beds are also a nice solution, if one wants to extend the storage space at home. Also, you can turn this space into an extra bed.

Lovely design in shades of stark

kids beds bunk beds colored cabinets open shelves

Provide more free space in the nursery

COTS functional design storage drawers of small nursery

Drawers and functional headboard present an additional storage space

COTS design storage drawers beautiful bedding blue wall color

Spice up a roll-away bed with drawers by colored bedding

COTS design rolling bed drawers carpet nursery set up

The small stairs also serve as drawers

cot with storage Loft bed stairs drawers white design

So, organize the Interior of the nursery in the best and practical way. If you choose a bed with storage space, then you allow enough free space in the room feels your child there.

Select functional furniture for the nursery

COTS Praktisces design high bed storage double set

Create a learning area under the bunk bed

cot with storage Loft bed Schreiibtisch cool for kids

Roll-away beds are functional children’s beds

cot with storage trundle bed drawers carpet colored bedding

White bunk bed with storage

cot with storage white staircase bunk bed

Make the small children’s room with a functional bed

cribs of baby nursery set up functional bed desk