Experts Pass On Colored Baby Room Design. Why Should The Son’s Room Be Red?

Editor   October 2, 2013   Comments Off on Experts Pass On Colored Baby Room Design. Why Should The Son’s Room Be Red?

colored baby room design retro rocking chair

Why should the son’s room be red? Experts insist on colored baby room design!

Each pair, which is expecting a child, is plagued by the question: it is a girl or a boy? But if you also are still working on a book about colors, you will deal consistently with the task: what color should be the room of my son!

The answer is as follows: red, with spreader in grey and black. Now do you know properly the reason? There are many motives and some of these are based on historical research.

The predestination of Pink for the girls and the blue for the boys is an outdated thing.

colored baby room design single-fold animal pattern wallpaper

One should not overlook the positive effect of other shades on the basis of prejudices

colored baby room design pop art pink bedroom

The second world war brought two major changes in the world of color. First, you had tired of grey and neutral colors. You wanted to enjoy stronger colors. Also the women worked more often and therefore, they have created competition to the male working methods.

Increasingly you bought the clothes in the shops. These were created in cheerful shades. Pink has been defined as a very happy color by the magazine La Femme.

Ironically, was just the feminist movement from the 70s, said Paoletti, who has made staunch this idea. There is “Pink stinks” and similar movements, such as the Christmaskampanie of the year 2009 (pink stinks).

The variations in the colors for the children had witnessed even more variations. Consultants from the firm of Hello my name is color tell that there was a large campaign against the yellow color in the bedroom lately, which was based on the bad effect of this color on the baby sleep.

Always fresh green nuances very soothing

colored baby room design rattan wicker chairs and stool

Grey loves colored splashes

colored baby room design funny mural

The poster above the changing table displays the children name “Hella” in mirrored form.

By graphic designers is Dirk Fowler

Hochfloriger carpet in magenta colored baby room design

This trapezoidal red mirror is located in an apartment in the Berlin mountain road

coloured baby room design mirror door and trapezoidal wall mirror

About the cot have hung to this fabulous poster. This was purchased in Haymaker in Andersonville, Chicago. Imagine’s, like this red “a” one day will provide a clear focus for the child.

The equipment was developed and installed by the company Flensted. It’s not super, that a child between the bookshelves and interesting objects from the Viking era grows up?

So, how to find now the red color for the facilities of the nursery?

colored baby room design eye-catching wall art

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