Fabulous Teen Room Shackles The Look With Your Modern Designs

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fabulous teen room bedroom shelf Cabinet black

Elegantly furnished nursery tie the look with their modern designs

The Slovakia can be called not just as a tourist destination, where to stumble would be expected upon his arrival on inspiring living spaces. However, the establishment of this magnificent modern House, which was conceptualized and launched by the intervention of Rado Rick designer , is straight out of that Central European emerging market. Design bedroom, which attract the attention of children to and co-opt them thus indefinitely, is indeed a difficult task. In this elegant apartment is still exactly the magnificent nursery, which finally appear with their overwhelming effect in appearance.

Fabulous teen rooms for boys

fabulous teenager room bedrooms modern original bed

The designers were tasked with the design of two rooms, which should meet the needs of a 6 year old boy and a 2-year old girl. Such a statement may seem deceptive erweise just enough, the complex part of the work was however to design spaces that exert an equally productive effect when the admission of children in their early teens. While a theme from the “Star Wars” was chosen for the bedroom of the boy, it has equipped the rooms of the little girl princess themed.

White furnishings in the bedrooms for boys

fabulous teen room bedroom indirect lighting white establishment

Angular lines and shapes in the bedroom – integrated lighting

fabulous teen room bedroom white rectangular interior

Rooms decorated in American style

fabulous teen room bedroom pop American style

The result is simply outstanding – two sleeping rooms embody a wealth of color and playfulness, clear and stylish defined areas assure their modernity swirling. With hand-painted murals, individually designed interiors and ergonomic shelves, the bedroom of the boy represents a harmonious combination of form and functionality.

Modern and attractive at the same time

Fabulous teenager room bedrooms cushion American flag

Comfortable, soft bed

fabulous teenager room bedrooms Office table Chair

Notable wall decoration – photo wallpapers

fabulous teenager room bedrooms shelves wallpaper

The girls bedroom shows off with a color scheme in pink and white tones, as well as with a cot, could be in the future by removing the grille easily in the bed of a young lady working around that. A beautiful book shelf wall separates the kitchen from the living area. The House consistently makes use of a neutral color palette, where the cool lighting body can fit the chic rooms quite like a glove.

Girlish bedroom – white furnishings

fabulous teen room bedroom wing horse figures

Red glittering bedside lamp

fabulous teen room bedroom shelf night table lamp

Cute interior design

fabulous teen room bedroom red accents white feminine

Bed with railings in the nursery – for girls

fabulous teenager room bedrooms bed railings white

White furnishings – striped walls and wall decals for more interest in the children’s room

fabulous teen room bedroom girly

Urban teens room Setup fabulous teen room bedroom diamond-shaped black shelves

The bookshelves serve as a partition wall

fabulous teen room bedroom wood flooringcabinet with diamond-shaped shelves

fabulous teenager room bedrooms wood painted black

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