Feng Shui Ideas In The Nursery For More Concentration In Learning

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Feng Shui ideas shelves books wall world map

Feng Shui ideas for more concentration in learning

The education is very important in Chinese culture and accordingly Feng Shui supports and promotes learning. Of young children should develop love for the learning process. According to the Feng Shui Baguakarte direction West is responsible for the well-being of the child. Set up a Western region appropriate for your child and it is easier to drop him.

Feng Shui ideas – is the West for the well-being of the child responsible

Feng Shui ideas books shelf wall white

Here are a few simple rules that you should know:

The West metal corresponds to the element. So avoid objects representing the element fire because the fire melts the metal. That means the red color be let out of the room away. Red carpet or red sofa is not a good idea. Purple shades have also no place in the room. Images of fire are undesirable. The matching colors are white and grey, which correspond to the metal element or light yellow and all sand, that belong to the element of Earth.

They could frame photos of your child, for example in white Matallrahmen and hang them on the wall. This will affect his well-being.

Of course include bookshelves, and also a comfortable reading corner with good lighting. Make a world map or a globe in the North, North-East or West in the room. That will arouse his curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Large be required a large amount of energy. Be sure that your child is in a harmonious and energetic atmosphere grows up.

Happy colours create a cosy atmosphere

Feng Shui ideas shelving books Desk computer

A unique bookcase

Feng Shui ideas shelves books wall stained

Stylish nursery for a boy

Feng Shui ideas shelves books wall Grün Blau yellow

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