Feng Shui Nursery – An Example Of Quiet Nights

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Feng Shui nursery case study white cozy

Feng Shui Kinderzimmer-an example of quiet nights

Jane and Patrick received baby Samantha on a bright Aprilmorgen. Jane was one of my Feng Shui clients; both they are professionally successful than even her husband, owning a big house and have other countless activities and devotions. Four months after birth, who were drawn with very little sleep, Jane, the Feng asked me to check Shui energy in the home and to see whether there’s anything can be done guidelines according to Feng Shui, to soothe the baby. The baby had a very light sleeper and cried very, which began to claim its victims – and was also linked to the health of the parents.

Magical nursery – various nuances of orange

Feng Shui nursery case example yellow orange colors

Here is what happened in the House:The children’s room looked very full and was overloaded with various light colored objects, as well as electric devices. This created a very active, strong and even disturbing quality of Feng Shui energy. The most dangerous part was the very high electromagnetic field, which came from a variety of sources: the baby heart monitor placed under the mattress, as well as the strong radiation from the wall, that is bordered by the Home Office. The Cot was placed in a line at the door.

Extravagant and modern nursery design and fresh colours

Feng Shui playful nursery case study green

The bedroom was completely overloaded, as well as virtually every other open space in the House of baby stuff.

Here is what we have changed:

We removed the numerous electrical devices of the baby (most of those wuurden rarely used!) We re localized the baby room away from the Home Office. The bedroom looks now much comfortable and clean as before. Now the parents are having intimate moments, as well as a good night’s sleep! All baby clothes are now compiled in a compact space and kept.

Gorgeous and comfortable design in the nursery

Feng Shui nursery case study natural wood furniture heaven bed

Here are the results:Some nights after the Feng Shui changes, Jane phoned to tell, that all family members sleep well. Patrick feels much happier and excited about its future, and Jane changed her mind about never having another baby!

Children’s room for little boys in nautical style

Feng Shui nursery case Blau Junge striking, attractive children’s room design in bright colorsFeng Shui nursery case bright Blau Weiß toys cheerful decoration on the wall – white wall shelfFeng Shui nursery case study positive energy

Striking pink transparent curtains, which can be easily flood the day light in the room

Feng Shui nursery case pink girls cot

Compact girlish nursery – wardrobe, baby crib and changing table – only the essentials in the room

Feng Shui nursery case pink soft pastels

Elegant and cozy kids room design in pink and white

Feng Shui nursery case study white pink colors

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