Ideas – Children’s Fashion Designer Children’s Room Like A Pro

Children’s ideas of the Ukrainian designer Olia Paliichuk

The design of the nursery requires much creativity and imagination. This room should be not only functionally equipped, but reflect the world of kids. And that’s why the nursery design is a complex and time-consuming task for most parents. How but in any other field can you consult in this case by an expert.

We have tips from a pro and found the young Ukrainian designer Olia Paliichuk on Behence. Their professional nursery ideas can serve you as inspiring examples. Draw fresh inspiration and you will create also a stylish and modern oasis of well-being for your offspring.

Children’s room design like a pro

Designer ideas make nursery wall color blue

The first example is a bright children’s room that can be also a youth room. The “HI” neon light is the focal point in the room and welcomes all visitors.

Various light sources

designer nursery mural ideas of luminous

Seat cushions and a cute bear as wall decoration

designer nursery ideas TV wall youth room

TV wall with storage space for books

designer nursery ideas wall color blue

The second example is a small children’s bedroom with built-in wardrobe and nursery furniture, completely made of wood. The decoration plays an important role here and adds a special charm to the room.

Decorative animals enliven the space

designer nursery ideas decoration

The Cot has the structure of a House

designer nursery ideas wood furniture wall cabinet

Funny foxes as wall decoration

designer nursery ideas creative wall-design

The wall color visually accentuated the contours of the bed and desk

designer furniture nursery ideas installation examples

Also a chic bathroom belongs to this nursery. The bathroom tiles and the fitting in yellow fit together perfectly. They look very stylish and are a suitable choice for children as well as teenagers.

Colorful accents in the bathroom

designer ideas nursery bathroom design bathroom for brothers and sisters

Children Chair in yellow

designer nursery ideas bathroom bathroom tiles decoration

Funny wall decoration

designer nursery ideas bathroom Design

Coat stand with a fun design – children happy

designer nursery ideas coat rack wall decoration ideas

The 3rd example is a girls room in the pastel colors – pink, purple and blue. The successful mix of color is combined with graphic wallpaper.

The Rosa loved by girls in combination with other pastel colors

designer ideas nursery make Pastel Pink Purple

Only the wall is painted in pink

designer ideas make nursery wall colors pink purple

Desk at the window – so the reading place is bright during the day

designer ideas make nursery wall colors combine Pink Purple

The bathroom is decorated in the same colours

Designer ideas children's bath design wall colors combine bathroom tiles

Stylish bathroom faucet in white

designer ideas children's bath design wall colors combine blue purple

The next example is designed in pastel colors, but rather for a boy. The style is minimalist and the room is very suitable for a teenager again.

Simple Wall shelves

Designer ideas make nursery wall colors combine blue purpledesigner ideas make nursery wall colors combine

Desk on wheels

designer ideas nursery wall colors blue purple fashion

Secrete small corner for sports exercises

designer nursery ideas wall decoration pop art

The following nursery is very funny designed and most definitely is a oasis of well-being for its owner.

Shark Chair and ice floor lamp

designer furniture nursery ideas Chair sharkdesigner furniture KinderzimmerIdeen armchair shark wall cladding wood

Children’s rooms on 2 floors, more space to play and learning

designer ideas kids room design bunk beds

Slide in the own nursery

designer furniture kids room ideas with slide

Play corner in the neon green

designer furniture nursery ideas neon color

The next nursery idea belongs Łukasz Głogów. But, the design is in the same style – simple and functional.

The cot is built into the wall

designer fashion ideas young nursery wall color blue

Main color – light blue

designer ideas children's fashion establishment examplesdesigner nursery ideas manimalistische nursery facility

All the doors in the room are without handles

designer furniture nursery ideas light blue wall colorDesigner nursery ideas nursery young Regal blue

And the last nursery, that we present today is a project by designer Alexey Gulesha – again a practical children’s room with enough space for playing and learning.

Long desk with 2 pendant lamps

designer nursery ideas desk pendantsdesigner furniture nursery design ideas room

Wood furniture in combination with warm shades

designer ideas nursery boy wood furniture fashion

Projector on a white wall – a great idea!

designer furniture nursery ideas projector wall