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The right baby bedding – recommendations and buying tips

When setting up the baby room , parents to protect of the health of the next generation need to consider a variety of factors. By non-polluting paint on CFC free upholstery elements up to the toy without plasticizer it is to include all aspects in the design of the room. Special attention should be devoted to baby bed. Finally it comes here for many hours every day to direct skin contact. So the little ones safely and at the same time comfortably can sleep we have summarized practical buying tips and recommendations for the selection of baby bedding.

baby bedding set textiles compared baby room design

Notes on the basic equipment

OEM can initially be omitted on a pillow. Up to the first year of life, babies without cushion should sleep to prevent disability of breathing. Since there are all textiles for baby beds in different sizes, observe the dimensions at the time of purchase. In the first few weeks and months, many access specifically to baby sleeping bags. This makes sense, because such bedding ensures maximum security. Since babies in the night process experiences of the day and partially heavily struggle and use the hands, an increased risk is of ceiling. Reach the ceiling over your head the danger of respiratory problems or even suffocation. The warming textile cover remains always where she should be in a sleeping bag. To adopt in the first cradle, as well as in the stroller or cot use. As “baby bed linen” also bed linen articles for older babies and toddlers are sold in the trade. Mattresses for cots have usually the dimensions 70 x 140 cm (width x length), the appropriate ceiling in the rule of 100 x 135 cm. The pillow measures 40 60 centimeters. If you want to inform yourself about the various shapes and variations of baby sleeping bags, you can get a quick overview in category baby bedding in the online shop of children’s and baby clothing provider vertbaudet . In terms of fitted sheets the dealer presented in addition products made from organic cotton, according to the global organic textile standard, GOTS, are certified.

Crib sheets, fitted sheets, and more

A nest is a bed border. You ensures maximum comfort in cribs or cradles and protects the baby from the tough bars and other elements of the sleeping place, respectively. Thanks to generous pad, arms, legs and head are safe from injury. The accessory is easy to attach hook, clip – band closures. To the full Ausrüstungdes baby bed, is in addition to the ceiling, cushions, correspondingly easy to set up even the mat crib sheets or sleeping bags. With high-quality tensioning bed layers, the surface is pleasantly soft. The repertoire is perfectly rounded off by mattresses. They are waterproof and prevent the liquids like urine or drinks penetrate into the mattress.

baby bedding set textiles compared baby rooms baby bed

Buying criteria at a glance:

Small parts: When choosing baby bedding on it that the textiles have no detachable small parts. They can swallow baby! Also sharp edges, which can occur on inferior zippers, should be avoided. Regarding the closures, we advise to push buttons.
Maintenance: baby bedding must be washed regularly. Therefore, the textile should be sturdy and durable. Also you should have to wash in the washing machine at conventional standard programs at higher temperatures, without form and color loss.
Colors: Baby can respond to Flash colors and striking patterns with stress and excitement. Soothing pastel shades are much more sense in the baby’s cot.
Material: baby bedding should feel smooth and soft, so that children feel at home. Cotton is ideal due to their fiber properties. She is kind to the skin, easy to maintain and robust. At the same time cotton fabrics in the location are good moisture to take. Linen is recommended during the summer both predestined and especially. The fabric absorbs moisture very quickly and does immediately surrounding it, so that the textiles are rarely wet. In addition, lines very light and airy feel. Knitter’s vulnerability is detrimental to linen. Not talking without ironing

baby bedding set textiles compared sleeping baby

Baumwollte – the most popular material for baby bedding

Despite the favorable material properties of lines, Baumwollte is the most purchased material on baby bedding. Because cotton in different ways can be processed, more material labels are possible. The following table illustrates the cotton textile fabric types:

Textile fabric
Terry (knit or woven material)
-particularly absorbent-due to the loops on the surface, the material feels comfortable grip on warm ideal for winter
Surface – or bilateral roughed up-tight fabric pleasantly soft warm ideal for the winter
Jersey (knit material)
-capable of stretch soft breathable absorbent tumble-for warmer months
-glatte surface linen-like fabric skin-friendly noble optics wrinkle resistant

-for summer and winter seersucker- gestreiftes, shirred fabric-very good air circulation through uneven surface – non-iron robust

Bed linen without pollutants

No matter whether you opt for a sleeping bag or traditional baby blankets, the are of the textiles is important. Because babies are reacting very sensitively, because her immune system is still much weaker than that of adults. With the help of some renowned seal of quality such as, for example, the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard , you can distinguish quality of contaminated textiles. On the official website of the eco TeX community explains: “the eco-TEX ® tests for harmful substances are based on the actual use of the textile.” The more intensive the skin contact of a product, the more stringent human ecological requirements must meet it.” Further information, refer to the Web page.

Baby bedding set textiles Baby room design


With the purchase of various items for the baby’s bed look primarily not on the design, but on the material. Emission-free textiles are indispensable for a healthy development. Seal of quality make the choice. Due to the properties of cotton is well suited. In bright, delicate colours, the offspring comes particularly well to rest. Any kind of new baby bedding should be washed before the first Verwendungmindestens one time. This can be largely remove possible residues of undesirable substances. To save money, it makes to grab point in full complete sets often. You are offered in many places less in total than items.

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