Monochrome, Gray Nursery Design For Brothers And Sisters

Editor   March 12, 2013   Comments Off on Monochrome, Gray Nursery Design For Brothers And Sisters

grey nursery design siblings monochrome bed

Original, neutral, gray nursery design

This Gray’s nursery design is decorated in a minimalist style. It has strong horizontal and vertical lines, which are beds, shelves, drawers and wall-paper. Unobtrusive monochromatic, gray colours can look the room quiet and laconic. Such an interior is suitable for teenagers. You have many different hobbies: music, sports, art, without which life seems boring and uninteresting. DasTeenager life is full and exhausting, therefore the main task of the room actually is to rest the young owners. This nursery design is designed for siblings, the colors and the textures are suitable both for boys and for girls. It looks cheerful and neutral in bright colors.

Monochrome, gray children’s room Interior

grey nursery design siblings couch

Stylish decorative accents that are again monochrome

grey nursery design siblings decoration elements

Monochromatic nursery, which is suitable for brothers and sisters

grey nursery design siblings idea original

Original, urban interiors in the nursery

grey nursery design siblings drawers carpet decorative motifs

Other children’s monochromatic design – grey, but yet elegant and neutral

grey nursery design baby lighting Bunny

State of the art, industrial nursery Designer fit for young people

grey nursery design siblings ultra-modern Original jigsaw pattern as wall covering – orange and grey colors

grey nursery design puzzle pattern wall covering

Simple but striking children’s room Interior monochrome nursery interior design idea black wall wood bed

Pale green wall shelving contrast with the gray interior

monochrome design pale green elements nursery

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