Nursery Decoration – Great Ideas For Shared Children’s Room

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nursery design in green with Blackboard

Nursery decoration – great ideas for shared children’s room

Today we introduce facts about the children’s design, if your kids have to share a room. The transition between life in a private room to a shared room can be traumatic for children. But at the same time, this can happen also very enjoyable for them. Because in reality, the children live hate alone.

This process can have important educational aspects, such as the learning of important communications properties.

Toddler and baby

Through the bulletin board above the bed of the child, as you see in the image above, it promised a kind of privacy the small child. It can express his personal feelings with white chalk.

By the different colors of the wall, dividing the space into different territories.

When the children are small, one doesn’t necessarily need a wardrobe.

This can accommodate a changing table

children's room design a changing wardrobe for babies

In this case, you should however attach outer edges for safety. So the babies when spontaneous rotating to the side are not covered.

Well, you must understand the relationship between the two children to make their room properly.

The solution to this image is especially suitable for independent characters

nursery design placed two beds together

Children with a small age difference

There is separate less suitable in this case. Then, you need an open children’s room design like this in the next figure. Radiates the message: “We are very happy together!”.

The pieces of furniture on wheels provide even more flexibility

nursery design bed benches and table on wheels

The children often have a different taste for colours. In the next two examples you pointed out the walls in a neutral shade.

The bed linen shows individual nuances, however

nursery design sleeping niches, built-in wardrobes

Sure you can’t expect that the rooms of the children is always neatly looks. But you can take a lot at the nursery design, so that the order easier for the little ones.

The striped bedding from the example here is easy to manage

nursery design of bed cupboards and built-in shelves

All children love to have a table and chairs in their rooms. At some point in the course of time, this must be replaced with a larger.

This could be also a work table

nursery design wall tree with shelves

More than two children

This image shows one of the craftiest solutions with bunk beds for a total of four children

nursery design bunk beds narrow open shelf

They were built on the corner and thus it has saved maximum space. The bookshelves give a further dimension to the space and provide more separation between the different sides.

Space problems

Work to the whole wall and gain thus extra space. It has created a game site over the beds.

So the children have a place where they can spend their time alone

nursery design bunk bed with ladder

If you need to share an and the same cabinet because of the limited budget or other problems the children, this was probably a very good solution.

With a bit of colour and chalk, you can individualize wonderfully the Cabinet

nursery design large clothes Dresser chalkboard paint


The desks are always necessary and necessary

nursery design of multifunctional Basteltisch

The image above shows a table of company GatorGrid. It’s a varied and practical solution for children.

The working table can extend also the whole wall

children's room design, spacious desks and the Alpfabet frame picture

Each child can have over a piece of it and customize it.

Are you convinced now? Children’s room design can be fun!

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