Nursery Useful Set – Tips On Health, Safety And Design Ideas

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How you can set up the children’s most brightest

If a child’s room should be set up, not only optical aspects play a role. The issues of health and safety are fundamental to create an ideal habitat is the smallest. We have arranged tips for choosing a safe and healthy Interior and complemented these with practical solutions and suggestions.

Residential healthy furniture – it is to make sure when purchasing

To get inferior materials with pollution out of the way, is not so easy in the face of the seemingly limitless selection. No matter whether coatings, colors, adhesives or other components in furniture – light and heavy volatile toxins lurk unfortunately in many places. Despite certain regulations reach even the maximum that the law allows to cause health effects such as allergies or respiratory problems. To protect children living poisons, ensure at the time of purchase of furniture increasingly on the materials used. Various certificates and eco-label may be help to find possible healthy living products.

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The “Blue Angel” label is particularly meaningful and trustworthy. The eco-label is awarded only to furniture, contain no halogen organic compounds, solvent or plasticizer. The ÖkoControl character in the range of wood furniture is not less useful. “The surfaces are treated with glazes, natural harzoelen and waxes on natural base. This porous surface can make a positive contribution to the environment”, so the note on the Internet presence to the quality seal under In General, we recommend in solid woodchildren’s furniture. The chance that this harmful substances are used, is compared to lock wood or other products with much lower for gluing. You get also online in the shop at, where the range of strollers on children’s furniture to rocker in addition to local furniture stores furniture for the nursery from solid wood. Since the product selection by categories is well sorted, you navigate quickly. In addition to beech, cherry, walnut and pine of popular enjoy under solid wood. Beech is particularly robust, because it is a hardwood with high density.

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Security – A & O

In the nursery must all components, whether on furniture or toys guarantee a maximum of safety. When the unit to mark such as the TÜV “tested safety” as known symbol, which must be clearly visible on the articles with the note “GS”. GS certified articles have been checked according to the requirements of the product safety act. Sharp edges or corners should be taboo in the nursery. This can be due to inventory furniture cannot be avoided, you should rely on subsequently mountable security products like a corner protectors . Also Sockets must be made safe for children. The following five security tips:

You can secure with appropriate locking drawers and cabinet doors. This prevents that children pinched fingers and hurt.
To prevent falls, rug anti-slip mats are you simply cut to and placed directly under the carpet. Sliding off the carpet is then no longer possible.

You live in a higher floor apartment window fuses are so can children not automatically and silently open window.

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Save with flexible furniture

Flexible furniture that grows with the child is advisable to restrict spending on children’s furniture. Both beds and desks and chairs are available in adjustable versions. This has the advantage that not every year must be newly equipped the nursery and children always benefit from a back-friendly facilities .

How to properly use colors

Colors are essential to create a welcoming environment of playing children. A room in white and black acts on children dull and cloudy. Never underestimate the effect of colors and use them cleverly. In General, you should know that each color has an individual influence on the mood. While green for example balancing, soothing and harmonious, yellow ensures good mood and a cheerful atmosphere. Orange stimulates, however, communication and appetite. Blue symbolizes peace, relaxation and harmony. Red is a stimulating color that makes rooms appear lively.

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Children are old enough, you should include them in the choice of color. Many children have favorite colors, can be integrated in the interior design. Particularly effective are colors on the wall. With beautiful wall colors can be impressively in scene children’s room.  The size of the room at the colour design is important to keep in mind. Small rooms can appear still cramped by bold colors which are applied over a large area. The space is tight and it should still use strong colors, should wall colors only up to the hip enough or be limited to a wall. An alternative would be to introduce the desired colors not as wall colors, but with the help of accessories such as rugs, bedding, curtains and flower pots.

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We have collected more Interior design ideas and creative strategies in a separate post.

Order for more peace and quiet

A chaotic nursery can have a permanently negative effect on children. Disorder causing unrest which harm children. Ideally learning from small to properly and regularly clean up children. This works but only if sufficient order systems are available. This includes some recommendations:

Container: Children’s room should contain several containers which are suitable for the sort of toys. Transparent models are especially convenient, because children can then immediately see where what is in it and therefore not all boxes need to open to find something. When placing order systems always make sure that children have easy access.
Label: So that there is not even a searching, ordering systems should be always labeled as boxes or crates. Can the offspring still do not read, you rely on the pictorial representation of the content. A box contains Lego blocks? Print out a LEGO brick and attach the image to the container.
Mucking out: Children are overwhelmed with the abundance of toys, little fun games. Muck out regularly to limit the selection. Will the child not have to separate from his stuff? Explain that the stuff on poor children will be donated and they can do good with it. For most children, this argument raises helpfulness.

Practice clearing with your child to give you the basics of a clutter-free room. Her babies will feel then more comfortable and learn to appreciate the benefits of order.

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