Nursery Walls Figures – Journey Through The World Of Children

Posted on Jun 11, 2014

nursery design Kinderzimme Rwände figures Cosmonaut

Designing the nursery walls

If you have become parents again, you must have felt it already, that the comfort of your children has taken the first place in your life. You want best there for your small treasures. Probably, you have chosen the most beautiful and spacious room as a nursery. If you are looking for interior design ideas, check out our image gallery on the subject as you could the nursery walls shape . The childhood is a journey for children and parents, which is full of fantasy, adventure and dreams. Spend the happiest time with your small treasures in a beautifully furnished and decorated children’s room.

Creative ideas for wall decoration in the baby’s room

design nursery walls figures map

Octopus pattern

design nursery walls figures Octopus

In the top picture, the walls of the nursery with Octopus designed patterns. Here is the chance that your child will learn more about the Octopus.

Fresh grass

nursery design Kinderzimmer walls design lawn

Grey star

nursery design Kinderzimmer walls design star

Sky and clouds in the nursery

nursery design Kinderzimmer walls wall decoration designing clouds sky

What a sensible way for book organization! You picked out here funny balloons and clouds as a wall decoration. Thus, you can merge the useful with the pleasant.

Inspire murals in the children’s city

nursery design Kinderzimmer walls city inspiration

For small astronauts

nursery walls figures astronaut nursery design

The little astronaut will be very happy with this thematic rooms. All details are a Cosmos – inspiration. Check the cushion, which represent small planets.

Make living nursery

nursery walls design nursery flower pattern

Sailor motifs

nursery walls design nursery design images

Give your little captain to sail the way endlessly through different dream States. The decor in this nursery with the boat bed will make your child curious about the world and the sea.

Ocean floor

nursery walls figures sea inspiration

A little further on this children’s room design will bring to the seabed your family.

Nursery walls make – LEGO wall

nursery walls figures LEGO wall

Exhibition of the works of your child’s

nursery walls design mural wall shelf

Decorating for baseball fans

nursery walls shapes children decorating baseball

The Dragon

nursery walls shapes children decorating sea inspiration

Two owls on branch

nursery walls figures kids OWL tree

In the forest

nursery walls shapes children ideas forest

The wall of memories

nursery walls shapes wall sticker photos pendants

Make an image wall! Attach a wall first and then give to your child’s photos. So, your child can keep track of all its life stages.

Fabulous children’s room design

nursery nursery walls design floral canopy bed

Wild West nursery

Wild West nursery nursery walls figures

This nursery was heavily influenced by the American Wild West movies. Therefore, you can develop the culture and knowledge of children and enrich.

Wait no more! Undertake the most exciting journey with your child and spend unforgettable moments together!

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