The Institution Grows: As A Teenager’s Room Is From A Children’s         

Typical girl Rosa, pirate motifs on the wall and more playful details make the ideal nursery from a room. The imaginative and child-friendly facility offers plenty of opportunities to play and let the childlike creativity enough space to unfold. But sometime are young adults, whose interests and preferences are changing through the aging of the children. Can young people identify with their room and feel good in it, it is important that parents adapt the nursery to the changed needs.

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Which elements should be changed?

The wall design is a crucial point for the identification of a youth room. Wallpapers with child-like motifs such as Teddy bears, elephants and other animals should be replaced by more neutral designs or painted over. Shade the favourite color of young people, which can be blue or pink, but does not have suitable particularly well. Posters of actors, singers, athletes and other idols are also recommended to make cool look to your child’s room.

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In addition, the right time for a new bed has no later than in the teenage years. If enough space is available, this can have a size of 140 x 200 cm. Though bunk beds are ideal to exploit the available space in a room, however, most young people would no longer go on a ladder in the bed. Continue as efficiently as possible to make the use of space, consider a bed with built-in drawers. Alternatively, also cupboards, shelves, or a wall around the sleeping square can be made. This is enough storage options to use on the one available and to another way visibility protection, which provides a wonderful retreat to read or dream is created.

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What furnishings are important to a teenager’s room?

If the children in secondary schools, a great work place is important where the homework can be done perfectly and on the find also a computer space. The desk should be as simple to fit to the remaining youth room facilities. The Chair can be, however, still somewhat conspicuous. For example models in bright colors are suitable (seen at furniture Jack), which represent a cool embroidery and good mood. There is a small table in the teenager’s room, the teenager can use several of these Stühlenals seating, when friends come to visit. An alternative is a small sofa bed, on which they can make convenient’s, is to entertain, to play video games together or to learn. This is extendable, it can also be used as a place to sleep, for overnight visits become more frequent in the teenage years.
As young people in terms of fashion increasingly develop their own heads, they need usually have a larger wardrobe. In particular most girls style is from the teenage love and need therefore sufficient space for clothes, shoes and accessories, so they can keep order. For boys, it is, however, usually important to have enough space to live out their preferences for certain sports or computer games. Therefore, it is advisable to decide which change slightly or give to the page for functional pieces of furniture. A Chair can be for example to the generous seat, where the friends find place, to play football or auto racing together on the game console. Should, however, full virtual golf or tennis to be played can be space-saving folding arm-chair.

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Basically, it is advisable to realize not only the own ideas and involve children in the design of the youth room for parents. If father and mother determine the selection of the desk, so that it is ergonomic and back-friendly, young people may choose the bed or couch himself. This is important, so that fits the institution to them and they can feel comfortable in their room. Also makes it clear this respect their own desires and expectations and helps them on the way to adulthood.