The Talent Box – A Versatile Toy Wood

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talent box toys wooden Grün Würfel

The talent box – a multi talent under the children’s toys

Do you want a toy your child for hours playing with fun has every day? So you need to buy not more and more new toys, which eventually gather dust in the corner. That would be the best gift for your shoot, but also for yourself. So get yourself at home shared happy moments and develop the talents of your child at the same time. It is possible only with a toy. Let us introduce you to the talent box .

The cube-shaped toys offers many possibilities and no chance of boredom. Learn about what games in the package are equal among them.

The ultimate children’s toys made of wood

children's toys talent box toys wooden happy kids

Why will your kids love the talent box?

Five games ‘stuck’ in the box and not any, but the most popular games in the world – football, darts, golf, hockey, and basketball. Now do you understand, why the talent box awakened the interest of the children in the long term, or? There is always a new game to play. Turn the box over and just start the next game. So, your children can be busy for hours while you take care of your budget.

5 games in a cube – darts, golf, and basketball

talent box toys wooden Grün Würfelförmig

And yet football and hockey to

talent box toys wooden Würfelförmig

Why will you love the talent box as a parent?

We have just now mentioned the reason. While the children at play are, you have time for yourself and for the important tasks. Of course, you can also play with and spend some time with their offspring. Work can wait, or?

But the biggest advantage of the talent box is that she great game joy not only to children, but improves the concentration and the fine motor skills of the children. This sense of balance, coordination, and dexterity are trained. Much better than a virtual game on the PC or tablet.

Golf or hokey?

children's toys talent box toys wooden play golf

The child can play golf alone

children's toys talent box design innovative toys wood

And for two, a hockey game is possible

children's toys talent box toys wood to second games


children's toys talent box toys wooden ball into the hole

Motion and concentration games for toddlers: play darts

children's toys talent box toys Wood Green

Play facilities for young and old

children's toys talent box toys wood with Bal play

The Takentkiste is so versatile that it can be used as a table or storage box. The game is over, time for peace and order is back. Teach your child to add all children’s items in the box.

Now the talent box can be used as a children’s table, and it is already quiet painted. So practically, this children’s toys – is smart and simple!

Also as storage chest and children’s table can be used

children's toys talent box toys wooden games and drawing

Before and after the games children like to draw

talent box toys Wood Green versatile use Würfelförmig

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