Turtle Night Table Lamp For A Gentle Sleep

nightstand lamp turtle SorangeNightstand Lampe starry sky and music to fall asleep

Have you ever wondered how it would be possible that so many set up markets and so many articles, never (or rarely) for you is something? Take for example the Department of lighting at the hardware store. It will give you dizzy as a range, but somehow is not light that you want to have at home. The light should be changed urgently in the nursery now is soon Christmas… We admit, honestly, it was really difficult, especially with a huge selection to find the right. Therefore we strive to collect fresh and new ideas from many fields and to present to you.

Fairytale sleeping with the Schildkröten-friend

nightstand lamp turtle turtle purple

There are turtles in many colors

nightstand lamp turtle starry purple stuffed animal

The projected stars can twinkle in three colors

nightstand lamp turtle sleeping carpet

Of course there are turtles also in pink

bedside table lamp pink turtle

The cuddly Schildkröte-today, we have also chosen night table lamp for you. This multifunctional turtle is well suited for any child’s bedroom or even kindergartens and has as to make sleep your child’s target even more enjoyable.  The turtle shell is is covered with star-shaped Windows, projected by the a fantastic figure of the starry sky on the ceiling or on the wall, when the lamp is turned on. Three soothing colors of the sky are available and can provide a color mood individually or together. The magic of the turtle is therefore but not exhausted.

In the dark to play or take the lamps-to-sleep – are a hit

nightstand lamp turtle starry sky with mysterious

A mix of all three colors is also possible

nightstand lamp turtle starry sky

With a delicate melody to the starry sky can be fast asleep

nightstand lamp turtle starry sky with child

The operation is child’s play

Dessert lamp turtle starry sky buttons control

The melodies are incorporated and the number 4

nightstand lamp turtle loose function

In addition, this extraordinary night table lamp may audition 4 delicate melodies to sound asleep. Thus, the sleep of the little angels can be undisturbed. The problem with the “fear of the dark” appears with this invention to be well resolved.  In addition you must not just quietly sneak up on tiptoes into the nursery, to turn off the “Schildkröten-lamp”. The projector turtle has a built-in timer that automatically turns off 50 min after activation.  Most recently, the turtle soft and is unlikely to cuddle.

In other words: put the kids to bed and let the turtle you do her (or your) work.

With this turtle exactly eight can consider star constellations

nightstand lamp turtle black

Select a pleasant sky color for your child

nightstand lamp turtle baby

the turtle turns off automatically 50 min after switching on

nightstand lamp turtle panels

The Lampe turtle runs on 3 x AAA batteries

nightstand lamp turtle blue

A multifunctional toys and projector of the starry sky

nightstand lamp turtle starry sky blue background

A great Christmas gift that can be understood as a symbol of good luck

nightstand lamp turtle starry sky with a child

You have not even dreamed of a better night’s sleep

nightstand lamp turtle starry child room