Wall Painting Children’s Rooms – Great Interior Ideas

wall painting nursery Dresser crib

Wall painting children’s rooms – idea collection

The Freshideen team is constantly then attempting to pick up useful tips and new ideas for the nursery and to share them with you. Our topic today is murals kids room and will further complement the theme nursery murals . Waiting for a colorful and evocative collection of wall paintings, color combinations and fun motifs to be you discovered. If you want to create the Visual design of the nursery walls still creative, stay with us and find new inspiration!

Great Wall decoration in the baby’s room

wall painting nursery flower pattern toy

You can apply successfully some tricks at the mural in the nursery. For example, you can play with colors and patterns. Paint the walls in bright colours such as yellow, green, blue or orange and stick fun templates to do so. This can be a more popular your child film or fairy tale hero or one fresh motifs. Motifs such as birds, butterflies, trees, or for example fish fit particularly well. Below you can find examples in images, which you are simply fascinate with their mood.

On the motorway

wall painting nursery Highway motif

Geometric shapes, zigzag – and Chevron patterns are still a smart idea, because they arouse the curiosity of the child to study them. It can develop the math skills of your child’s no kidding. You can motivate the imagination of little further with the help of nature – the sea, or Astromotiven. For example, you can decorate the ceiling or the walls with stars and planets. This will create a magic stroke in the nursery design.

Colorful squares

mural kids room colorful squares

Further, viewing the photos and try to guess which colors and motifs are like your child best. Jointly undertake the project and make an individual, creative children’s room Interior!

Mural – floating fish

wall painting nursery set up fish

Murals nursery – purple color and Bunny pattern

wall decoration nursery Bunny pattern

Forest in summer

wall decoration nursery summer forest

Brown, green and blue

murals nursery colored squares

Urban inspiration

murals nursery city wall decoration

Heart of the ocean

murals nursery under the ocean

The ceiling falls down

murals nursery ceiling Green Wall decoration

Home Star

wall decoration nursery House star

Make stylish nursery

wall decoration nursery chandeliers baby cot

Rainbow theme

wall decoration nursery murals Rainbow

Striped wall in various colors

wall decoration nursery striped wall cupboard

Yellow-white stripes

wall decoration nursery yellow white stripes

Fairy nursery mural

murals murals nursery fairy

Design ideas in pink and white with dot pattern

murals murals nursery dot pattern

Yellow band on a black background

wall decoration nursery Black Yellow

Birds in the forest

murals nursery forest inspiration

Ladybug on flower

living ideas murals nursery Ladybug

Funny patterns as wall decoration

living ideas murals nursery flower pattern

Wall-painting with flowers

living ideas murals nursery flower pattern

Colored triangles

living ideas murals nursery triangles

Geometric interior design ideas

murals nursery geometric design

Magical castle in purple

murals nursery magnetic purple Castle

Living in a fairy tale

murals nursery castle wall painting

Homogeneous Paint wall and ceiling

living ideas murals nursery Strip

Tinkerbell theme

murals nursery Tinkerbell forest

Zigzag pattern creates mood

murals nursery zigzag pattern