44 Great DIY Ideas – Christmas Card Making Made Easy

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DIY creative inspiration in Christmas cards

Soon it is again so far – the contemplative advent time starts. You feel it almost in the air… We’re only a few days of the new winter wonderland. And while gifts are not the true meaning of Christmas, we often verge into the well known Christmas stress. At once we think everyone and everything at the same time and run from a shop in the next, without having found the desired things. We sit for hours in front of the computer or with the tablet in his hand and desperately rummage through the countless online shops, which right now are full of offers and auctions. But, it must be right! Something beautiful and unique – what a great joy our loved ones. We wish all of us. It is therefore already is thought to make, whom I what wants to give and I think it’s also very useful, now. This approach is probably significantly reduce the stress of Christmas and positively affect your pre-Christmas mood. For these of you who still relaxed and personal would make it, we have a very practical solution. This is not only pleasant and cheap, but is also a high potential for fun, especially if you do it with your children or friends together. It is namely Tinker to Christmas cards.

DIY Christmas cards can be also easy
Christmas cards DIY diy gift wrapping paper Christmas tree bead

And this need to be not incredibly skilled or to have great deal of time and materials available. Quite the contrary. Some colored sheets of paper, cardboard, wrapping paper, colors, paper, buttons, beads and glitter and glue and scissors are true wonders. While the pictures and the video will be below all assist you.

In it you can see it pretty much, how you can build the desired Christmas cards. And who knows, maybe other ideas you can think, who can then implement and customize your unique greeting cards and give away.

Colorful fabric ribbons and stickers are perfect for

Christmas cards crafts made easy wrapping paper beads

Colorful, stylized Christmas trees, snowmen and deer and Christmas balls are just a few of the most popular motifs, which are images with the DIY ideas for Christmas cards. Some are a bit more decorated, others quite minimalistic designed or so innocent childish that almost everyone there would be. Find your own favorite here and get them inspired.

Have fun and a relaxed, cosy Christmas!

DIY Christmas card with colorful Christmas tree – instructions

A cute gingerbread man is also not a bad idea

Christmas cards crafts idea gingerbread man button

Less is more often!

Christmas cards crafts diy gift wrap button snowman

Think minimalist and three-dimensional

Christmas card DIY diy gift wrapping paper Christmas tree 3d

A little gloss must be

Christmas card DIY diy gift wrap star snow crystals

Christmas craft fun

Christmas cards designs DIY diy wrapping paper Christmas tree

Kids especially will enjoy it

Christmas cards crafts diy wrapping paper

Stylized Christmas trees made from recycled paper

Christmas cards crafts diy wrapping paper 3d Christmas trees

Colorful stripes provide atmospheric dynamics

Christmas cards tinker diy wrapping paper felt Christmas tree

With simple threads, you can achieve a lot

Christmas cards tinker diy gift wrap yarn Christmas tree

Glittering sticker and gift paper become Christmas tree

Christmas cards gliter sticker DIY diy gift wrap snow crystals star

If you like it slightly brighter

Christmas cards crafts glitter wrapping paper

A few beads and vintage buttons work miracles

Christmas cards tinker diy wrapping paper beads buttons

Christmas cards crafts diy wrapping paper snowman red buttons

Christmas cards make gift paper fabric buttons note paper

Christmas cards crafts diy wrapping paper Christmas tree snowman

One of the most popular Christmas motives at all

Christmas cards DIY diy gift wrap Santa Claus

Or do you prefer two sweet reindeer?

Christmas cards crafts diy deer motifs felt

A cheerful snowman and a few snow crystals

Christmas cards crafts diy idea 3d snowman

3D Christmas tree with gifts

Christmas cards crafts diy ideas 3d Christmas tree gift idea

Little effort, great effect

Christmas cards diy ideas DIY wrapping paper

Old paper gets second chance

Christmas cards crafts diy paper star felt

Little things that bring joy to

Christmas cards crafts diy ideas star snowman Christmas tree

Snow crystals, finely carved, decorated with beads

Christmas cards snow crystals DIY diy idea beads

Buttons, buttons, buttons…

Christmas cards crafts diy idea Christmas tree buttons

Christmas cards crafts diy ideas buttons

Christmas cards making snowman of diy idea

Christmas cards tinker snowman buttons Santa Claus diy ideas

Christmas cards tinker paper of diy ideas

Christmas cards crafts diy snowman

Christmas cards textiles crafts diy fabric Christmas tree decoration

Christmas cards tinker paper thread paper deer motif

Christmas cards paper DIY gift ideas Christmas tree

Christmas cards making paper Christmas tree stand

Christmas cards crafts Christmas tree silver glitter

Christmas cards glitter star diy ideas DIY Christmas

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