Christmas Dinner Recipes – Wonderful, Culinary Ideas For Your Celebration

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Christmas dinner recipes beef with fried potatoes

Christmas dinner recipes for your perfect party menu

Already think about what new Christmas dinner you want to try out recipes? Do you have the feeling that the festive dinner tastes very similar lately? Then it’s time to try something new. Here we have some fantastic goodies for you. These delicious, culinary ideas will satisfy your family and guests with security, especially if they like to eat meat. Tender pieces of sirloin, crust roast and gold Roasted Turkey – it is something for everyone here.

All Christmas dinner recipes in this collection are perfectly Spiced and decorated and have a festive and even exotic taste. Citrus fruits and fine herbs, enrich and refine the whole thing. With these recipes, you can enjoy a relaxing Christmas and are on the safe side – all will be sated and happy. With a perfect Christmas dinner you have secured one of the most important prerequisites for a successful celebration.

Let us now together closer look! What have we here? What is the secret of this succulent roast up? It is a half-done fillet of beef with dark crust of ground coffee, brown sugar, garlic powder, salt, paprika and pepper. Tastes excellent with fried potatoes, Rosemary branches and spinach salad, flavored with Strawberry vinegar.

Or do you prefer a crispy fried Turkey for your Christmas dinner?

Christmas dinner recipes Roast Turkey with herbs

Here is the art in the brine. It consists basically of apple cider, brown sugar, ginger, Bay leaves and salt. Best leave the Turkey from 24 to 36 hours in the brine and then how used to fry until the crust looks golden. Potato salad and green beans are classic side dish to do so.

How about a delicious ham on your festive buffet?

Christmas dinner recipes of candied ham

It’s a juicy ham Roast with sweet spicy sauce with fresh mint leaves. Serve this delicacy with Asiago salad with garlic and roasted potatoes.

This beef rolls into slices are the next treasure for your feast

Christmas dinner recipes beef rolls with Parmesan

Already, ask yourself what this tender fillet of beef has been filled? The tasty filling is made from mushrooms, shallots, parsley, Rosemary and fresh garlic, finely chopped. As a supplement, you may quietly offered mashed potatoes and broccoli.

If you have no desire for a whole Turkey, you can try it with Turkey breast fillet. Two slices of grilled meat with barbecue sauce and crunchy salad can exactly be the right single portion for each guest.

Gruyère cheese and wild rice fit perfectly as a side dish

Christmas dinner recipes Turkey breast fillet grilled

A heartier toppings of olives, garlic, capers and anchovy paste

Christmas dinner recipes of Gebratebes chicken with citrus Tapenade

This noble ingredients are the main ingredients for the Tapenade for your fried chicken. You can round off to taste with thyme and serve with a fresh citrus salad with Cranberries.

A tender roast pork with pineapple

Christmas dinner recipes ham Roast with pineapple glaze

Sweet and strong taste this Christmas dinner will enchant your guests. As a supplement, take green beans with shallots and shiitake mushrooms with thyme. Don’t forget rum when frying the shot!

Beef Ribs with herb crust and fried vegetables

Christmas dinner recipes beef rib with vegetables

A fabulous sweet spicy creation

Christmas dinner recipes of spiced ham roast

Covering the meat before frying with a mixture of brown sugar, garlic, and cumin and cook the sauce from mustard, apple cider, and Achornsirup. Sweet Potato Casserole, roasted vegetables and beans are a delicious side dish to do so.

Beef Tenderloin and puff pastry

Christmas dinner recipes beef In batter

As filling you can add quiet also garlic, shallots and mushrooms to the meat. They are ideal as a side dish along with cherry tomatoes.

Cocktail cherries and sweetened pears for roasting

Christmas dinner recipes Ham with cocktail cherries

Two delicious sauces to enrich the taste of the rib roast

Christmas dinner recipes herb rib with two sauces

The perfectly fried through ribs taste even better with these two sauces. The first is a strong wine sauce and the second is a hot horseradish sauce.

For the next ham roast you need and whole cloves. You give the meat a unique spicy and specific appearance.

A sweet five herbs sauce with cocktail cherries is the right to

Christmas dinner recipes pork roast with herb sauce

Port wine and citrus fruits to the crispy fillet

Christmas dinner recipes pork tenderloin with port

This roast beef is for real gourmets

Christmas dinner recipes roast beef with Yourkshire puddings

It is a Christmas dinner that takes more time and patience during the preparation. The meat must remain for a long time in the marinade, but once finished, will be the crowning glory of your Christmas dinner.

Crunchy Turkey with roasted pears

Christmas dinner recipes Roast Turkey with PEAR glaze

The ham looks fabulous with whole peppercorns

Christmas dinner recipes crust Roast with pepper

Juicy pork ribs with Apple cherry filling

Christmas dinner recipes rib of pork with Apple cherry filling

Delicious fillet of beef with cheese and Rosemary

Christmas dinner recipes Rosemary beef tenderloin

Sweet cherries and wild rice as a yummy stuffing to the pork tenderloin

Christmas dinner recipes stuffed pork with wild rice

The ribs are coated with Herb mustard and served with fried Karotteln and red onions

Christmas dinner recipes ribs roast beef with mustard and herbs

Horseradish sauce and mushrooms to the roast beef – simply heavenly

Christmas dinner recipes Sauerbraten from beef

Christmas goose with honey ginger crust and Sage leaves

Christmas dinner recipes festive Roast goose with honey

Have you inspired this beautiful, festive dishes? We hope our great collection will be very useful for you in the preparation of your celebration. Again penetrate these unique Christmas dinner recipes and opt for the one that will be perfect for your party.

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