Christmas Gifts Crafts – 34 Practical And Clever Gift Ideas For Every Taste

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Christmas gifts DIY kitchen jars labeled

Christmas gifts crafts – 34 beautiful gift ideas for your family and friends

Christmas gifts can tinker here with lots of fun and joy with us. We have collected 34 sweet ideas for you. Dealing with today in our jewelry and chic coasters, dishes, and other home accessories. We are sure that you want to pleasantly surprise your family and friends for Christmas and enjoy. Look through just everything and you tinker with.

Above you can see a few glass container with colorful stickers on it. You can fill them with candy or fine herbs and label with greeting words.

These cool coasters are easy to customize and refresh the table with their bright colors

Christmas gifts crafts colorful coasters

You can build them easily. Vinyl foil in different colours and thin wood or veneer sheets are the basic materials you need. After gluing the Folies can apply some layers transparent varnish for safety.

Black Cat bag charms

Christmas gifts crafts luggage tag

Especially cat lovers will be very happy about such a gift. Simply select a cat motif, or paint yourself an and laminating on or before. Forget to keep not one side, so that you can take out the paper labels and plug it in again.

Fancy bangles with scratch images

Christmas gifts bracelets with drawings

Ask yourself how you can make these imaginative bracelets? Very easy. You need only simple wooden or plastic rings that you find in your craft store, acrylic paints and scratch pictures. First you apply two layers of paint and coating with transparent acrylic paint and scratch the selected motifs on the surface after drying.

For those who like to drink tea, as a pot will give great pleasure. With porcelain pins and a little skill, you can create wonders. Nail Polish or conventional acetone helps you to eliminate any errors.

Floral patterns are always very welcome

Christmas gifts bracelets teapot hand painted

Fabulous provides decorated with colorful bottle lids I

Christmas gifts DIY bottle cap decoration

For a table with a diameter of 45 cm, you need according to your choice paint colors 100 cover, providing you with color or paint in 3-4 or spray. After drying with the help of a contact sticker, attach the lid of the outside starting on the table surface.

DIY Christmas gifts here really fun, right? How about a few elegant glass vases, which you paint?

You might find some vases made of frosted glass in different forms in the basement or in a secondhand. To achieve such a water effect in painting, mix with a few drops of paint thinner glass color. With a brush for acrylics paint abstract motifs on it.

You can adjust the density of color by adding more paint thinner itself

Christmas gifts crafts painted glass vases

Cool bracelets from the leather of a baseball

Christmas gifts crafts baseball cuffs

Weekly calendar from window frames

Christmas gifts DIY chalkboard calendar

It is an incredibly creative idea to make a weekly planner for the wall of a window frame. You need this magnetic paint and chalkboard paint in different colours. So the calendar will be colorful and magnetic and one can write the dates for each week with chalk just on it.

Our today’s topic – DIY Christmas gifts – continues. Look at all alone and draw on new inspiration!

Beautiful ring of pink buttons

Christmas gifts crafts ring off pink buttons

Even tinkered bookmarks with beautiful sayings are a stylish Christmas gift

Christmas gifts DIY bookmark self made

Old books and magazines get your second chance

Christmas gifts crafts creative night table lamp

Storage box with color-soaked Birch

Christmas gifts crafts coloured storage boxes

With textile colors and templates you can customize retro-style pillow

Christmas gifts DIY retro cushion with face

Create an original lamp shade with roses linen strips and fabric paint in gold

Christmas gifts crafts Lampshade of fabric flowers

The porcelain pins can be used also with plates

Christmas gifts-painted plate with children drawing

A chic magazine bag made of fabric and thick cardboard

Christmas gifts magazines box from fabric

Porcelain is suitable as office supplies

Christmas gifts crafts ceramic supplies

Beautiful storage boxes for kitchen utensils can be make from wine bottle containers

Christmas gifts kitchen utensils packed beautiful

Bottle Cork for an impressive wall

Christmas gifts wall from Cork

Paint serving dish with fun motifs in fresh colours

Christmas gifts crafts serving dish with Blue Bird

Eco-friendly packaging and recycled glass wall art

Christmas gifts collagen wall art

Colorful circles on a notebook – skillful embroidery

Christmas gift book colorfully embroidered

Paper technique to roll is very well suited for framed photos

Christmas gifts means nanny decorated with rolled paper

Fabric rings for coffee mugs with colorful patterns

Christmas gifts coffee mug for on the way

Simple and tasteful – tea set with yarns and paper fans

Christmas gifts DIY self made tea set

Don’t throw away the old thick books, give them a second life

Christmas gifts crafts souvenirs box from old book

Coasters with flowers radiate positive energy

Christmas gifts glass coasters with flowers

Vintage buttons and wrapping paper for unique accessories

Christmas gifts creative bracelets from buttons

Make-up bag of patterned fabric

Christmas gifts DIY makeup bag

Perfectly combined colours and pattern templates allow an old chest beam

Christmas gifts crafts painted spherical chest

You can paint individual tiles with images of your choice

Christmas gifts DIY coasters with music motifs

Give a personal touch to a jewelry box

Christmas gifts jewelry box in turquoise

Chalk color on the frame you can decorate with again and again depending on the photo motif

Christmas gifts crafts chalk art picture frame

Now you have become richer with 34 creative Christmas ideas. We wish you lots of fun and creative power! DIY Christmas gifts can make really happy the Schenker and double the value of the gift.

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