Christmas Gifts You Surprise Yourself Making – Your Good Friends!

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Christmas gifts himself making coffee cup sleeve

Snow flakes – bag: make Christmas gifts yourself

Christmas gifts themselves make for good friends bags snowflakes

Fresh fragrant herbs, into a bag, which is decorated with a patterned snowflake. First cut a rectangle of canvas. Fold it in half to form a square. Cut out a square of adhesive paper. Use a snowflake design stencil patterns. Remove the back cover and Center the design on the screen. Use acrylic paints with a stencil brush. Let it dry and remove the template.Sew the three open ends with silver embroidery. Plug in wool or cotton-wool and dried herbs such as lavender and sew the openings.Collect some bags and tie it with thread for a sweet-smelling gift.

Cups and mugs with scarves are wrap

handmade Christmas gifts friends cups cups scarf

Combine your hot beverages in a warm, chic charm together. Cut a strip of felt. Adapt its length to the size of the Cup. Tie the scarf around your favorite Cup.Glue a bead on a bamboo skewer. Cut a rectangle from a colorful cardboard and stamp a reasonable verdict or congratulations. Cut out a snowflake from a white cardboard box, stick that in addition to the quote. Crown your artwork with a gem.

Frosty vase with Chevron patterns

handmade Christmas gifts friends glass flower vases Chevron

Catch the frosty beauty of winter and make a beautiful piece of art made of glass. A simple Blue Vase you stick to Chevron pattern, using painters tape. Spray the surface with light blue hue. Remove the tape when the paint is dry.

Throw pillow for Christmas

Christmas gifts themselves make congratulations saying pillow

Give your friend a throw pillow, which is decorated with a thematic greeting for the winter season.

Christmas Wreath made of felt

Christmas gifts himself making friends foam wreath multi colored stripes felt

Cut seven strips of different coloured felt by you use a zigzag scissors. Tie the strips to a foam wreath. Fix that with hot glue.

How do you make a Christmas Wreath itself?

Christmas gifts yourself making friends GNOME red white stripes

Make some cute, hand made wreaths for Christmas. You need a wreath form of foam, yarn and Ribbon to create this festive and easy-to-do Christmas gift.

Festive decorated flower pot

Christmas gifts themselves make Flowerpot band red

Cool decorated glass and brownies

Christmas gifts themselves make jar candy Brownies

Christmas decorations even in the kitchen

Christmas gifts yourself making friends dish felt ornaments Christmas gifts yourself making friends Frost frame snowflake Christmas presents itself MachenFreunde snowflakes gift playful tea towels and bags for apartment decoration handmade Christmas gifts friends tea towels themselves make

Themed snow globe for Christmas

handmade Christmas gifts friends winter snow globe glasses are used as candle holders on the festive tableChristmas gifts yourself making glass candles three

Spices and nuts in a jar handmade Christmas gifts cake cookies mix

Square pin cushion in the form of a gift

Christmas gifts Pincushion square itself make

White table runner is adorned with red snowflakes

handmade Christmas gifts snowflake tea cloth teapot

Extraordinary idea that creates joy and good mood in the winter

handmade Christmas gifts hot Teebäutel

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