Christmas: Planning Is Everything

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Christmas is just around the corner and this year you are planning a real big party with all friends, acquaintances and family members? Then, the time is now to begin! We tell you what’s important.

Atmospheric decoration

On the doorstep as well as within your own four walls beautiful decoration looks inviting and mood-enhancing. You can start with the decoration already late November. Funny ideas are for example FIR branches or figures on the mail box. Around the porch, lanterns, lights, a sled and Christmas star create a festive mood, even the neighbors enjoy. Indoors, it must not remain a simple Christmas tree. You can decorate the apartment “for example, in a country house style” either through consistently, or give each room a different theme. A rather dark living room looks with white jewelry right much more friendly. Decorative elements made of wood make for Christmas atmosphere in the Scandinavian style and it is cosy and comfortable, if you put many pillows and stuffed blankets in the room.

Christmas Christmas dinner Christmas

Homemade is no magic factory

The tradition of mutual Beschenkens dates back to the 13th century. Since then, different traditions of gift-giving have developed in almost all Christian countries. While in Spain until January 6 gifts will be passed to “the day of the three kings”, is the large mess in the United States on the 1st day of Christmas. In Germany, the Christ child is always on Christmas Eve. In total, the Germans spend around EUR 250 million for Christmas gifts. Who would rather symbolically present his loved ones who manufactures Christmas presents itself and knits such as scarves, cooked Chutneys or crafts book covers. Even, who is rather untalented for crafts, knitting and crochet, do without on homemade gifts. Close friends and family enjoy most often about something very personal that keeps awake the memory of shared experiences. A Christmas coffee table book or a wall calendar with selected photos can be in time to the festival such as online vendors how create CEWE “so it saves also the standing in crowded stores. Also money gifts can be quite creative and visually appealing “for example., by to hide the notes in fortune cookies

For this you need:

Some fortune cookies

How it works:
The fortune cookie is opened carefully, as far as possible, so that he won’t break. Using a pair of tweezers, taking out the spell list and pushes into a folded dollar bill in its place. If you like, wrapped the cookies with gift ribbons – the cash gift is ready.

A classic Christmas menu, all without stress

To avoid stress on Christmas morning, all required ingredients, you should buy as much as possible already some days before. Some dishes can get to even on the day before. A classic Christmas menu for example consists of a light mushroom soup, a crispy fried duck with toffee or oranges, as well as a Tiramisu for dessert. Vegetarians can substitute a casserole, a vegetable curry or a chestnut roast the duck. A Pinot Noir or dry to others, not to heavy red wine blends very well with the duck. When Christmas classic sound while eating in the background, the evening is perfect.


Photo credits: Flickr Christmas decoration Markus Spiske CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved

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