Knitting, Crochet And Sewing For Christmas – Beautiful Decoration And Gift Ideas For Do It Yourself

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image 1 Christmas gift ideas for do it yourself

Creativity and love give away to detail for Christmas

Long time hand working were as about the knitting only mildly ridiculed, meanwhile they are but everyone is talking about and have triggered a veritable cult of leisure. Not only home is hard lined mesh to mesh, in Cafés and parks are many people enthusiastically and have made some sort of lifestyle employment from plain knitting. Today will be, even deliberately a little more money into the hobby about in expensive or special wool – because after all the handicrafts are not only a cheaper alternative to more expensive clothing, but rather small works of art representing the mainly made so that you can see them. Who had no contact with such handicrafts, which must not despair, by the way, because the entry is made pleasantly easy beginners not least through the Internet. Instructions, for example, ensure that each step of a small or large project is understandable, but also the basics are vividly displayed in counselors. presents an overview of important technical terms of the craft as well as easy handles for beginners – so cross attack, right and purl stitches, or first projects to get you started are no longer a problem soon.

Particularly striking seams or visible hand-made embroideries, which were used among other things on scarves, sweaters or Socks are in fashion. Basically, the possibilities are but very much more diverse, so also accessories such as bags or even smaller furniture completely in the knitting or crochet look can arise. Also the Christmas season makes no exception, so that there are countless exciting patterns and templates, to be creative or manual labor as a very personal gift to give away.

image 2 gifts gift ideas for do it yourself

Homemade tree decorations

A Christmas tree is one of many German households simply advent time, accordingly, but also the Christmas decorations should not be missed. Who here wants to give schnödes plastic or no longer the Christmas tree balls in the years can enjoy, who can knit instead just a little matching jewelry. For this, the following material is needed:

Christmas tree ball
Christmas star

Wool in any colours

Wool in any colours


Yellow wool

Knitting needles

Knitting needles


Knitting needle


Needle and thread

Needle and thread

Christmas tree ball

For the Christmas tree balls, first inflated a small balloon and knotted to exactly the size, where the ball will later be created. With a diameter of about 5 cm, for example 20 meshes will be recorded and knitted to a square. The finished square is then wrapped around the balloon and finally knotted with a wool thread.

Christmas star

Two squares are knitted for the poinsettia, have stitches between 5-10. These are superimposed now, however, so that all of them are the 8 corners of the two squares. In the middle and some edges that are sewn together now – then only a thread must be attached to one of the peaks and the star can be hung on the tree.


Just a few simple hand movements are necessary for the gift. Here, the construction starts with a styrofoam cube in size, which should later have also the gift. It worked but not a square but a rectangle. For example, the cube has a side length of 3 cm, then 10 stitches should be taken, which are knit 8 cm long. The finished rectangle is now wrapped around the styrofoam cube. With a different colour wool still a small loop around the gift can be wrapped to the conclusion and the ornaments is finished.


Bells also make good on the festive tree, this 2 equally sized rectangles must be knitted first. These are placed so that the long sides are up and down. The two upper parts are now bent in the Middle, so that an equilateral triangle is created. The material is now fixed with needle and thread. Now, the two triangles are so together put the folded corners are outside, and the pages are then sewn together. Now all turn to and at the top of the Bell attach a single thread to hang them to.

image 3 Bell to DIY gift ideas

Crochet Christmas tree balls and co. can also be used, by the way, that looks roughly like this:

Two variants of Nicholas boots

Even if the 6 December is over, a Santa Claus boot can be used basically to Christmas as a pretty decoration and can provide even the occasional surprise on Christmas Eve. Also here a homemade variant doing well especially, where in many different ways. The following two different variants should be presented in detail:

Figure 4 stockings gift ideas to DIY

Sewing stockings

Required materials
Cotton fabric, felt or other fabric of your choice – 60 x 50 cm
Resized batting for reinforcing – also 60 x 50 cm
Fabric remnants in white and red for the applications – 20 x 15 cm
Arrest fleece – 20 x 40 cm
Beautiful trims or Ribbon for the hanger and the top edge of the
Pattern paper
Sewing thread
A matching pattern – for the exemplary quantity of fabric offers this variant

So the boot has later sufficient volume, the batting before cutting on the wrong side of the fabric is ironed. The shape of boots is now transferred to the pattern paper, cut out and twice cut without seam allowance from the fabric. On the smooth side of the paper of the arrest fleece, now transferred to heel and toe and then again reversed transfer. Now cut the adhesive pad with some additional cm around and then ironing the stripes fabrics. Then the fabric can be cut exactly and the paper cannot be removed. Heel and toe affiliated to be ironed on the boots parts and can be embellished according to specifications with zigzag stitches. Now come the Ribbon on the row, which decorate the top edge of the boot. The additional seam in the sessions now on and cut out. Now the boot is used, whereby the upper edge is taken 1 cm to the left and stitched. On a Ribbon is the linchpin to quilted now – the boots is now ready and can be arbitrarily applied.

Nicholas boots in trendy jeans look

Required materials
Remnants of old jeans
Gingham fabric scraps – 12 x 12 cm
Red Ribbon to hang
Decoration according to your choice, for example asterisk rivets or felt star
A matching pattern

After the cut to original size has been increased, both legs of a pair of old jeans are separated and cut on a seam. The two parts of jeans are now each other set (right on right), then plugged in the cut and about 1 cm adding cut out. The resulting boots parts are now once again stacked, stuck together, and then quilted. The checked fabric is closed with a seam to a 30 cm large ring, then ironed in half and quilted on the edge of the boot. Should come some more decoration on the boots, so the felt can form now be cut and ironed, asterisk rivets are stuck, however, just on the substance, once with a needle holes were placed. Now missing only the Red Ribbon, which is attached to the edge of the boots, hang themselves allow this.

The knitted advent wreath

Each year a new advent wreath is required during the Christmas season. But as is so often the holidays usually faster than you think on the doorstep, so buying an advent wreath like is done at the last minute. Who wants to locate a few matching branches on the Sunday market here not rushing things, which can help to simply for a change with needle and thread, because long ago, a great alternative to the classic greenery can be created here.

Figure 5 advent wreath gift ideas for do it yourself

And this is necessary:

Thick wool in 4-5 different colors
Knitting needles
A straw wreath as a basis (eg. from the hardware store)
Masking tape in the colour of the wool
Tape measure
Accessories (such as candles and candlesticks) and decoration

All materials are together, so the size of the wreath must first be determined, the same is true for the circumference of the rim bead, which determines the width of the knitted piece. Depending on how loose or tight knit stitches are required now more or less. A total of resulting should be scarf but not too long, because the stitches are always still a little wide at the end. Is the shawl finished, he is pulled over a wooden wreath. For this, the straw wreath in advance the best yet with crepe paper is wrapped so that no straw is to see more what to look through otherwise, would be between the stitches. Then he is around the wreath scarf and sewn with a thread at both ends. Finally only the decoration must be attached, while almost everything is allowed in fact. The candles can be placed affiliated, should be inserted for ideally but necessarily on candlestick, so that as little wax on the mess dripping. Also a nice idea, and yet this very safe: place a lantern in the middle of the wreath and place the candles inside.

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