Poinsettia Care – Plants Properly Hibernate

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Poinsettia care and properly pour

The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) remains one of the most popular plants. The breeder has expanded significantly the range of colors – from the well known red, butter yellow and the lively two-tone. After Christmas is one of the most common questions: “How I can maintain my poinsettia, so it blooms the next Christmas again?”

For these of you who are fearless – if you want to see your Christmas star long fresh and blooming, you should maintain carefully him.

The conditions at home

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Light – Place the flower pot in front of a sunny window. May be directed to the South, East or West. This is a tropical plant and prefers more sunlight

Heat – So that you keep the poinsettia as fresh and flourishing, the temperature in the room between 18 and 23 degrees should be. At night, you could keep the temperature even 15 degrees. Have you seen a lush Christmas star, has some rotten leaves?  This is caused by the low temperature.

Feminine hybrid

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Water – water the plant when the soil in the pot is dry. Avoid but rich casting at the alight!  The wilting is another problem. A pre-wilted plant can be revived and saved, but it takes much time and care.

Solemn atmosphere at home

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Moisture- The lack of moisture at home especially in the winter months is a very big problem. If your place tends to be dry, you should regularly water your poinsettia.

Butter yellow star of Bethlehem between the classic red flowers

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Bold red

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Gorgeous purple maintain pictures flower poinsettia Pink Purple

Festive mood

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Winter Winter plants

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Improvised Christmas tree from Christmas stars poinsettia overwinter maintain flower Christmas tree images

More species

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An eye-catcher on the table

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Zweifarbener poinsettia

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