Traditional Christmas Decorations From Wood As A Chic Decoration Idea

Christmas decorations wooden Christmas decorations online shop

Still in demand is the traditional Christmas decorations made of wood?

In search of new and original Christmas decorations we are returned to ideas of the good old tradition. And as they also say: “The new is mostly forgotten old.” Our today’s contribution is a further evidence.

How about actually using a traditional Christmas decorations made of wood? If you are fed like us of the modern Christmas tree decorations made of plastic, then get ideas with us on the search after alternative decoration. That does not mean that you necessarily should waive all shiny Christmas balls. Better take advantage of both opportunities and combining modern with traditional decoration. With the pictures below, we want to focus your attention on some matching wooden figurines which are perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Stay tuned to find out how you easily can add a touch of sensuality your Christmas decorations this year.

Wooden works of art as a Christmas decoration

Räuchermänner ball smoking figure Santa Claus Christmas decoration of online shop Christmas decorations wooden

So that we can decorate our Freshideen Office in time for the 1st advent, we start now with the preparation. The Christmas spirit is already there and the anticipation is growing with each passing day.

What would we have in the Office? A smoking man for Christmas would be very fitting.

Smoking man Santa Claus

Christmas decoration online shop Christmas decorations wooden Santa

Smoking man is there in any forms. Although a smoking man Santa Claus can be used best as Christmas ornaments, you can also chose a different smoking man. For example, a Schneemännchen is a very apt choice.

Smoking man snow child on skis

Räuchermänner snow boy on ski Christmas decorations wooden

A smoking man alone but not enough us. We want something chic in the Office. A Christmas pyramid from the Ore mountains would stand but perfectly on our modern white coffee table and show their high-gloss! So we reach our goal – both styles skillfully to mix modern and traditional.

Following 3 models are Moors pretty close to the heart. One will decorate in determined in December our coffee table. But which…

Erzgebirge pyramid Angel under the Christmas tree

Christmas decoration online shop pyramid traditional Christmas decorations from wood

Christmas pyramid with tea lights

storey pyramid Angel traditional Christmas decorations from wood

3-storey pyramid candlesonline shop for traditional Christmas decorations Christmas decoration wood

Discover the beauty of Schwibbögen

Schwibbogen old town Christmas decorations online store Christmas decorations from wood

The other day we told you about the lights – and Schwibbögen . And actually still at that time, we have opted for a traditional Christmas decoration. So, definitely, we can waive a wooden candle arches with candles.

Schwibbogen – Nativity

Schwibbogen Nativity Christmas decoration online store Christmas decorations from wood

Schwibbögen resulting from expensive hand work

double Schwibbogen online shop Christmas decorations Christmas decoration wood

Traditional jewelry pieces made of wood, great Christmas decorations

mini LED candle arches Santa Claus In the forest of Christmas decoration online shop

See also a special candle arches from the Ore mountains for your Office or home and enjoy a Merry Christmas!