Atmospheric Colours In The House – 10 Creative And Unexpected Ways To Feel Good

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atmospheric colours In the House colorful stripes on the wall

Atmospheric colours in the House

Everyone needs a little color in his life, colour indicates the mood and the tone in your home – some colors are vibrant and energetic, others are soothing and relaxing. No matter whether you are just a few splashes of color here and there or wish you a colorful stamp, hereby find some creative and unexpected ways to bring more colour to your home!

Paint the front door

atmospheric colours In the House Caribbean flair baby pink

Why must you make the first impression not yet before the entry? There’s nothing more inviting than a heat radiant entrance. The front door should be can reflect your home. A freshly painted door indicates a well maintained home. A dark entrance door, for example black or Navy Blue, says a filigree style. A red or yellow door indicates that you are bold, and pink or another unexpected color, would like to have surprises and whims. Painting your front door is a simple and easy way to bring color to your home.

Paint the bookshelves from the inside

atmospheric colors In House neon green accents everywhere

Maybe you live in a rented house, or they simply neutral walls. You need to buy any new accessories, with painting the bookshelves from the inside, you get a huge effect with minimal effort.

Paint the floor

atmospheric colours In the House yellow-green Dekovasen

The painted floor becomes more and more popular. So, you can easily hide the shortcomings in the old hardwood floors without the need to invest for a renovation. A fantastic and creative way to give a new life to your floor and your room is some splashes of color on the bottom. Every surface – from hardwood to concrete can be painted.

Paint your ceiling

atmospheric colours In the House bright shades, Capiz chandelier

Bring unexpected splashes of color to your home with the painting of the ceiling. The old statement that dark ceilings make the room small, was already debunked. If you are still concerned, you stay on the safe side with a lighter, including the pale blue or gray color. The color on the ceiling enlivened the style of your room and your guests.

Set up the kitchen with coloured appliances

Atmospheric colors In the sky-blue house stove and folding chairs in Orange

This trend has started in Europe. Europeans are more playful, bold and enterprising. A blue or red, or bright orange oven is not just a splash of color in the kitchen, he brings energy, nature and degree of the space. You must take care but because the change of the larger devices is not so easy, new anzustreichen as the cabinets.

Bring color to your kitchen cabinets

atmospheric colors In the home Navy Blue kitchen furniture

The kitchens need to have not necessarily white, dark or wooden cabinets in there. The kitchen cabinets can newly be deleted easily and are the ideal source of color in the room. Whichever you choose any color. If you want to make it not so clear, you delete only the internal parts. And if you’re brave enough, then you can paint the Interior and the exterior in different shades of a color or even in contrasting colors. The fresh painting of kitchen cabinets is a cheap renovation solution for your kitchen.

Renovate your furniture

atmospheric colours In the House of Tangerine chairs Kuschelweich single-fold wall China flair

Swipe the vintage furniture can be a new life to something old. This is the salvation of some historical and it is environmentally friendly. You can delete almost everything and thereby get paint splatters. With a new color of old chairs, you can dramatically change the room.

Hang art

atmospheric colours In the House modern art floral and sea patterns on the pillow

You need a rich collection, it could be just some paintings, posters or pictures. The works bring not only color, but also a different texture and dimension layer, and best represent your individuality. The artworks liven up a room. For beginners, there are incredible collections on Internet sites like, where you can select according to genre or artist.


atmospheric colours In the House coral accents retro Setup

You can change just the color and mood of the room with change or overlay the accessories. Replace the blankets and pillows in a new pattern or color. You can dramatically change the look of the room. At best, it would be if you also change the atmosphere with the season.

Attach flowers

Perhaps the simplest point – bright to have colorful flowers. An artistic composition or simple grouping in a vase or large basins, the flowers change the room at the same time.

And in addition – you can switch the flowers regularly or seasonally

atmospheric colours In the House beige and cream with beautiful flowers in pink

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