Blue Color Palette In Vibrant Interior Design – Chic, Relaxing Atmosphere At Home

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blue color palette In vibrant interior design floral pattern wallpaper

Blue color palette in vibrant interior design – chic, relaxing atmosphere at home

Quiet, peaceful, credible, reliable, reassuring. All these words describe the color, which is the subject of today’s presentation. Today, there is talk of blue.

First I would like to tell you a little secret: I became adult, the more I have then green rather than blue. I have replaced more and more the blue dresses and accessories time with those in green. Jade, emeralds and lime were my favorite shades.

But if I then finally not growing up, but adult that then I really felt the power of the blue. It is located whose nuances to a large extent also in the manifold.

For people who deal with the issue now for the first time, is amazing it, to how many different shades here the speech will be. The best known and most widely used are about: Monaco blue, Peacock, turquoise, ice-blue. These are only a few, but there are many more possibilities.

Urban living room design – blue leather furniture

blue leather furniture idea design living room modern urban ambience

We confine ourselves today to some of the nuances and show you how this can affect your interior using images.

First let me but on a question, which seems to me particularly important. You should consider any general conclusions about the color blue by a nuances. Specifically said, if you don’t like a nuance, then is only one of many others. So there is certainly a form of blue color that will suit your taste.

The blue color is relaxing and clean. But as it sometimes shows, it is also very dynamic. So, take a look at and choose the best Variant.

Monaco blue

We dedicate ourselves to first one of the most modern colors of this season: Monaco blue! Imagine sapphire blue – a combination of cobalt and marine blue. Below we see the gorgeous wallpaper of designer Graham & Brown. These are decorated with dark and light shapes. Together with the flashlight, they contribute to a great effect. A room, requiring the walls are covered with Monaco blue textures has been portrayed in the following figure. Watch how well have these forms in combination with lime green accents. You can see this especially good on the seat, the cushion and the figures with the form of chrysanthemums.  [update the Metroplex]

Monaco blue living room

blue color palette In the lively Interior Grün sofa stripes pictures

This room is one of the most shown on the net lately. There is something strange on the wallpaper with flowers before the deep blue color of the background which gives a feeling of decadent, crunchy and Royal. The flowers also fit super any interior in the spring! Don’t believe it?

Colorful flower pattern on the walls in the apartment

blue color palette In vibrant interior design flower pattern colorful


Now we’re talking about the plum blue, which charms with its nuances of aquamarine and volatile blue nuances. There is no better Pfaunenblau than the shiny plum-blue! That was illustrated by the Hi-Gloss painted entrance (Lilly Bunn Weekes). Consider the use of the golden color as a form of addition. [from Vogue via La Dolce Vita]

Plum blue input

blue color palette In vibrant interior design attractive lighting

Tiles in Pfaunenblau… I think I’m in love! This kitchen, by interior designer Katie Ridder was created, includes fresh trims and accents. You can see the very fresh look as a result of the combination of pan blue and bright white. Add something green this and are a clean, but have still ample look, which is perfect for the ladies…

Plum blue bathroom

blue color palette In the vibrant interior design brick wall bathtub

One of the favorite pieces of our team is the avec Peacock apartment sofa, designed by CB2. It ran in 50s style, what you can see on the tufted cushions and legs created protective metal.

The yellow is a different color, which represents a wonderful counterpart to the Pfaunenblau. Can be seen clearly below that in the picture

blue color palette In vibrant interior design stripes runner next table


Let it be turquoise! This shade of blue is very funny, because it ranges from bluish to greenish. And now any room can make it just as alive as the one pictured below. In fact, gold and turquoise in an ornate Brokat-combines background. You make the display area on the details in the two colors are presented. Here, a golden ceiling could fit beautifully! Don’t you think it? But, isn’t it?  [according to decorpad]

Turquoise Blue dining room

blue color palette In vibrant interior design wood flooring

Now, we present a further wonderful room, which is dominated by the turquoise blue and white color. The striped blankets and chairs in the room, which will be presented next show the potency of this combination in a wonderful way. Floor to ceiling curtains and a cover thrown somewhat casual about the bed are strong and individual accents, which make this space unique. [from Slim69]

Turquoise accents in an eclectic bedroom

blue color palette In vibrant interior design curtains bedroom

Turquoise may bring a playful swing into the room. In this bedroom, designed for a girl in teen years seen that. This shade of Turquoise Blue is a rare combination that has emerged after a mixture with Benjamin Moore colors. No charming appearance is the hot pink and Red wall art? You are adorable as the Paisley pattern, which act as a link between the different accents.

Playful blue walls – feminine creation

blue color palette In the vibrant interior design Sea Blue Stehlampe


At the end, we today represent a particularly soothing shade of blue. We go into the world of ice! Had you ever noticed that ice-blue has been used as a neutral nuance in the modern rooms? An example of this is the bedroom below where modernest meets tradition! This calming effect is reinforced by other forms of soft colors such as beige. As a result of the very calming effect.

Comfortable, classic room

blue color palette In vibrant interior design bedroom

Now we are in a different bedroom which belongs also a teenage girl. Here is the dark blue color of a charming backdrop for a number of forms in a darker shade also blue. The whole creates a wonderful and strong effect!

Is this color perfect for a clean, crisp space, which promotes the quest for Jugendhaftigkeit and beauty?

blue color palette In vibrant interior design head part

Our last example shows that even more refreshing aspects of the blue. These come in the ladies room especially hard to bear. Find this also and if so, what do you think it is? In our opinion, it is because that this color harmonizes wonderfully with the mild shades of water.

You take your time, consider everything still very carefully and decide what is right for you!

blue color palette In vibrant interior design bathroom tub

Now, how answer the question, which is your favorite shade of blue for this article? Have you developed an affection for the Royal shade of Monaco blue? Have you enjoyed the pictures of plum blue and aquamarine tiles? Maybe did you like especially various forms of turquoise blue color palette?

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