Cool Fusion Of Styles Self Making – Ornate Furnishing Solution For Aesthetes

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cool fusion of styles even make decorative living room leather stoolCool fusion of styles even make – ornate furnishing solution for aesthetes

How many people know who actually agree with you? In every respect? How many of these people are members of your family? Yes, exactly. No matter, whether you are married with the right or wrong person, whether you’re with your partner for twenty years together or share an apartment with a friend, it is always exciting as in the courtroom, if we need to make important decisions. Sometimes small things of our everyday life have a strong influence on us, we have to admit that just honestly. But it’s nice to be able to stand out, to go its own way and to have of course own style!

Fusion of styles: compromise on artistic way

cool fusion of styles even make living room rustic

The miracle of the interior design is that there are no rules when it comes to styles. What do you like, this can be done. And if it melts on the styles of the other party and United, it comes to a good, even enviable result.

Suppose you like it “bling” in every conceivable way, the more prominent the better! It can be rustic, the older, rougher, tougher, the better. Yes, but it comes certainly to a conflict in the family. No problem, because with a little creativity and compromise you come back to a “rustic refined” result.

So, how practical this refined rustic style have achieved?

cool fusion of styles self making decoration case old

Let’s take a look at the old vintage boxes! They are full of splinters and look completely worn out, but nevertheless they absorb immediately every look. That is the charm of rustic items, where the old meets the new. Each piece is a unique and a great eye-catcher at home.

Here a few tips for you there, what are you still can start with your old things!

Even the biggest bumps, but leave a few notches, to preserve the rustic charm and character.
If your color is too dark or lots of spots, you certainly need a new brush stroke, perhaps a second layer.
Choose from shiny, sparkling pieces of furniture, which you can then decorative modern design.
Refine the look. Use curtains or for example linen cotton. Choose bright colors – white and beige are very appropriate for natural fabrics.
Hanging Up: Select no boring curtain rods, here is another possibility to fall again – bling! A dark brown metal bar with beautiful decorations on the ends – and you have it! Tie them back with a skin-thin band and let your hard work round off the Sun!
Continue with this pattern! A large sofa with sequined cushions. Yes, keep in mind how further to integrate this pattern in the room in various ways, so that your room is a perfect example of the variety of Interior Design.

Built-in fireplace with wooden frame, old massive chest and white armchair form the ambiance in the living room

cool fusion of styles even make living room classic

Items such as old chests retro serve as side tables in the contemporary House

cool fusion of styles self make living room retro

Cool fusion of styles self make bedroom twin beds bedroom in dramatic color palette – single beds with high headboards

Now, we want to stop already combining styles, adding vase a shimmering glass on your old suitcase in the middle of the room, and also put maybe a rustic clock. Add a few magazines, let the coffee boil and wait to come to admire together the space with you on your friends to visit. Voila! It is refined, sophisticated rustic style!

cool fusion of styles self making old-fashioned high backrest Royal outfit – Golden furniture frames and many decorative patterns in white

Beautiful floor design – improvised staircase of wooden drawers made

cool fusion of styles self make Oriental drawers

Rough wall decoration – wood and rattan furniture in the living area

cool fusion of styles self make living room solid wood rattan

Oriental furnishings – many different decorative accents

cool fusion of styles even make decorative peculiarly interestingyou can see a pop styles and variety of accents here in this dining room cool fusion of styles self make dining room

White Home Office design, original, impressive accents and furniture

cool fusion of styles even make home office

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