Earrings In Rose Gold Are In Vogue This Summer

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21 elegant earrings rose gold inspirations

The new MacBook, wireless headphones, smart phones, jewelry, wristwatches and even furniture – everywhere you look, everywhere seems to be present the color rose gold. If you are a fan of beautiful jewelry pieces also, just like us, then you are absolutely right with us, because it concerns today earrings in rose gold. As you probably already know, not everything that glitters is gold! That is completely true also in rose gold. The trend is rather to the color itself and not so much about the actual metal. So, earrings in rose gold not only made of gold can be customized, but also from silver or stainless steel. The rose is achieved then most procedures by the so-called PVD (physical vapor deposition). It’s a coating method that is fairly durable and high quality. Another popular technique for coating of jewelry is the ion plating – if a particular metal on another serving is applied. This method is considered the toughest ever one, especially if one compares it with gilding with gold leaf.

The results are managed so that you for example do not can realise in earrings made of stainless steel that it’s not really about gold. And many prefer stainless steel jewelry material anyway, because it is durable and inexpensive. In addition, stainless steel also for sensitive skin and allergies is no problem at all and is very well tolerated usually from each. That is also the case with the first two pairs of stainless steel Earrings from our list. They are also very stylish and elegant and hanging discreetly on the ear. Stylized leaves or trendy rings – according to your own taste, you can purchase these in quite easily online.

Stainless steel earrings in rose gold look

earrings rose gold stainless steel of leaf shaped earrings

Earrings rose gold stainless steel ring-shaped

earrings rose gold stainless steel rings decor

Fossil is a level higher with a combination of stainless steel and rose gold. We have us simply falls in love with these earrings. Ovals tears form and subtle shine – just a dream for all earrings Fanatikerinnen.

Fossil ladies earrings in rose gold and stainless steel

earrings rose gold fossil rose gold earrings

Classic’s Kross goes on with the ear plugs of heritage of Michael. High-quality stainless steel in circular form was provided here with tiny glass beads and of course also with the lettering of the creative American designer. A must have for any fashion-conscious “bargain Hunter”!

Rose gold earrings Heritage of Michael Kross

earrings heritage rose gold round stainless steel michael kros earrings

And of course the magnificent star Stud Earrings by Beate Stohr. The stylish starlet consist of gold-plated sterling silver. Their surface was diamantiert and you knew in high-gloss polished. These earrings are very suitable for everyday use as well as for a special occasion.

Ear plug star gold plated by Goldsmith B Beate Stohr

earrings rose gold earrings star dream jewellery goldsmiths beate stohr

And a few more inspirations in terms of earrings in rose gold:

Hanging flowers with diamonds or rhinestones

earrings of Rose Gold Flower rhinestones diamond necklace earrings earrings

Long earrings with filigree necklaces and diamonds

earrings Rose Gold Diamond Earrings necklaces

Elegant spiral earrings and stones

earrings Rose Gold Diamond Earrings spiral

Diamond heart earrings of rose gold heart shape diamond earrings

Cool hook earringsearrings Rose Gold hook shape earrings

Elegant node design

earrings rose gold knot design earrings

Two-sided, shiny spheres

earrings rose gold ball earrings, double-sided

Pandora earrings with crystals earrings of rose gold earrings Crystal pandora

Vintage style with Swarovski crystals

earrings of rose gold earrings swarovski crystals

Summer flair with mother of Pearl

earrings of rose gold earrings summer style

Robust Topaz Stud Earrings

earrings rose gold earrings topaz

Filigree Chandalier earrings with diamonds

earrings rose gold oval shape diamonds, rhinestones chandalier

Rose Quartz and diamonds

earrings of rose gold rose quartz diamond earrings

Trendy earrings

earrings rose gold round shape stylish

Stylish hoop earrings with diamond

earrings rose gold round crystals of hoop

Ornate earrings with pearls

shape earrings of rose gold tränne bead

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