Eye Color Importance – What Does The Eye Color Of Your Character From?

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Eye color meaning and psychology

In some cultures, called the eyes of “The window to the soul” and that’s not arbitrary or reckless. The eye color is purely physiologically considered a distinguishing feature that rubs off on various genes in the organism. The eye color is also familiengeerbt, it is also an indicator of certain character traits. There are enough studies, dealing with the topic of eye color. Most combine the theory that when people with the same eye color also similarities in character are noted.

The eyes are not only an organ of sight, but also an important communication mechanism

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Brown eyes

The largest percentage is one of the people with brown eyes. “Brown eyes are dangerous, but honestly in love.” From a psychological perspective, the eyed are described as gentle, loving, and honest. Also loyalty, but also passion and sensibility are prescribed them. Members of the family have the highest priority for them. The people who have brown eyes, are very reliable and honest, they are good friends and associates.

We combine the brown eye color with warmth and coziness

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Trustworthy and amusing is called eyed people

eye color meaning Brown eyes Asia

Elasticity and warmth are also qualities we prescribe the brown eye color

eye color meaning black eyes Orient

The owner of brown eyes often have a great temperament

eye color meaning portrait Brown Dunkel

Usually people with brown eyes are honest, open and sociable

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Black eyes

The eye color meaning the black eyes says that these people are very impulsive and sensitive. They are energetic and capricious, but they have great imagination and creativity. Something to independent and looking for they remain rare with the same partner or in the same work environment.

Their impulsivity is typical for the owners of black eyes

eye color meaning black eyes Asia

Passionate and hard to see through, the black-eyed strong broadcast have

eye color meaning black eyes deep

People with black eyes are idealistic and have a restless spirit

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The black eyes are a testament to passionate and desirable nature

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Blue eyes

People with blue eyes are generally viewed as cold and emotionless portrayed. You seem often unbalanced and cranky, which is compensated by imaginative and sensitive moments. The blue-eyed, not to take life seriously and a dubious impression. Nevertheless, there are many successful people with blue eyes, because if they have a goal, they go forward striving to achieve it.

Blue-eyed people are romantic and seductive

eye color meaning blue

The owners of blue eyes the description will automatically “cold-hearted” due to the cold blue colour

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Blue-eyed people can rarely bring out the rest

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People with blue eyes are reliable, can work but very conceited

eye color meaning Portait blue eyes

Is a trait of the bright-eyed, they’re always defending the justice

eye color meaning portrait Blau Eskomogreen eyes

The green eyes are seen almost as rare as the black eyes in nature, but both have a strong attraction. Called green-eyed tempting, almost mesmerizing and even hateful. Their charisma is still magnetic. They are able to make every heart, and later to break it.

Only 4% of people in the world have green eyes

eye color meaning green

People with green eyes represent the tenderness in person

eye color indication green

They are stable and down to Earth and yet full of fantasy

eye color meaning Portait bright eyes

Green-eyed are strongly charismatic

eye color meaning blue eyes portrait

Often the owners of green eyes have difficult character, are but loyal friends and partners

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Mixed colours Usually the eyes with a mixed color belong to people who are positive and cheerful. Their optimism is one reason that their society is seen often and gladly. Her friends do selfless favor, what is sometimes naive. Very romantic and faithful, but also very vulnerable these people believe in true love in life.

Tiger eyes or yellow eyes indicate rare talents

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The green brown eye color shows a generous and Honorable character of the people

eye color meaning portrait green

Often, people with a mixed color of the eyes are particularly idealistic

eye color meaning portrait old

The owner of the green-blue grey eyes are strong-willed and optimistic

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