Feng Shui Ideas – Positive-charged Gifts For Your Home

Feng Shui ideas Easter eggs flowers

Feng Shui ideas for positive energy at home

Feng Shui ideas and gifts for the home are a great idea, if you don’t know what you want to give your friends or family members at Easter . Or refresh your own apartment. Here, a few matching decoration are ideas that will recharge your apartment with positive energy.

Feng Shui gifts for your home

These are lucky charms and aim to attract good luck and positive energy (Chi) in the House. It is very important, which symbolizes your gift. Carefully select its color. As you probably know, the colors symbolize the five elements. Blue stands for water and you think it attracts wealth. The colour of nature – Green is a symbol of growth. Red is movement and symbolizes the fire. Silver or golden color accents promise abound.

At Easter, you can make a symbolic gift of Feng Shui friends

Feng Shui ideas Easter eggs candles

Where do I place the gift?

The directions play a very important role in the Fang Shuieducation. In the right corner of the room, the items have a greater impact. Think of the harmony in the region and do not overfill it with numerous symbolic objects.


Give candles. You have magical power that attracts wealth and prosperity.

Note: It is not recommended to put the candles in the South.

How can you create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere?

Feng Shui ideas candles pebbles flowers

Inspired by nature

Feng Shui ideas candles pebbles stand tea

Candle holder tree stumps

Feng Shui ideas Candles candle holders wood stump tea

A hint of Oriental accents

Feng Shui ideas candles flower candle holders

Give a wind chime

Feng Shui ideas gifts wind chime stained

Wind chimes

The Greyhound is a typical symbol of Feng Shui. Whose music distributes the negative energy and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Hang the wind chimes on the porch or the balcony and enjoy the music of the wind.

Enjoy the fabulous music of wind chimes

Feng Shui ideas gifts Easter wind chime

Wind chimes not only beautiful sound, but they look like

Feng Shui ideas gifts wind chime glass

Wind chimes with a message in Chinese

Feng Shui ideas gifts wind chime

When and to give whom a wall clock?

Feng Shui ideas Easter eggs clock wall clock

Wall clock

The clock stands for dynamism and movement. The current clock hands trigger a flow of positive energy. With this object, you must be careful though. Hang no (or a very small) on the wall clock in the bedroom and children’s room, because there only the biological clock should tick.

Matching decoration and gift ideas for Easter

Feng Shui ideas Easter eggs watch

Note: Clocks are not vice versa gave the younger only by older people. And no clock to hang on the wall opposite the door.

Built in wall clock on the wall

Feng Shui ideas Easter eggs clock wall clock simply

Colored watches with interesting form take on the role of the wall decoration

Feng Shui ideas Easter eggs clock wall clock color

Spring flowers

Feng Shui ideas Easter flowers indoor plants


Indoor plants and flowers in the pot are a popular gift.

To protect cacti on the window sill, from thieves. Luck with pyrethrum and daffodils – career success. The Peony symbolizes love and the Orchid – soul rise.

Give a big bunch of tender tulips

Feng Shui ideas flowers tulips spring

A Green House plant for more harmony at home

Feng Shui ideas flowers indoor plants Frün

The Succulents are a lovely gift

Feng Shui ideas flowers succulent houseplant

The bamboo is a classic gift

Feng Shui ideas flowers bamboo houseplant

Who will not look forward to a beautiful large house plant – about?

Feng Shui ideas flowers large houseplant

Cacti are very popular and easy to clean

Feng Shui ideas flower Cactus House plant

More Feng Shui gift ideas

Broom – with a decorative broom one distributes the negative energy and the hassle out of the House.

Sweep away the negative energy out of your home

Feng Shui ideas decoration gifts symbolism broom

Animal figures and mirror – elephant figure

Feng Shui ideas animal ash figure elephant

Mirror with sturdy wood frame

Feng Shui ideas mirror Holzramen

Elegant mirror with wooden frame, embellished the wall class

Feng Shui ideas mirror Holzramen wall decoration