Great Summer Colors – Fresh Ideas For Your Interior And Exterior Design

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great summer colors the walls raspberry

Great summer colors

Cool colors, which amplify the lust for life

If it’s really hot, looking everywhere for refreshment – also in the colours. At this time, the transformation of spaces in bright shades would be especially nice.

Consider shades inspired by fruits such as raspberry, lime, Tangerine, Berry, peach and lemon. All will refresh this much the mood in your room.


No matter whether in the darker shade is pale like a Beerensorbe, Fuchsia or something this cool summer shade hot easy. In the living room, the atmosphere through the use of such color is always alive. This will be the perfect setting for a summer party.

In the bedroom you can achieve a relaxed atmosphere by brighter pink accents and warm neutral shades

great summer colors stylish with filigree floral flower ornaments


A kitchen of each style will look wonderful in this color

great summer colors cooling Limefarbig gloss kitchen worktop

This shade fits also at the front door, she also comes in combination with grey colours particularly hard to bear

great summer colors neon green frame on the door


With this color you will wake up in the morning really during the summer shower

great summer color lemon yellow to wake up

A semi-transparent form of the same shading will refresh wonderful kitchen

great summer colours pastel yellow full soft


It is especially suitable to this color in traditional houses, which achieve a southern look.

The shading can be added in the form of a light or darker Ginghams

great summer colors Aprikosenfarbig upholstered chairs

Peach is one of these colors, which are sometimes tiresome.

But you can Dodge this effect by the combination of classic furnishings

great summer colors traditional and luxurious

Berry sorbet

Have you seen for blueberry sorbet? It’s a fresh nuance. This is a wonderful choice for your veranda, especially in places close to the coast in all cases. Smaller details, look so fabulous as the chairs.

Blueberry accents – noble elegance

great summer colors blueberries nuances for the facade

Dignified atmosphere in cobalt blue

great summer colors cobalt blue tiles and ceramic tub in white


This gentler variant of the orange color fits to turquoise, Fuchsia and aquamarine.

The shading is very refreshing a bed and breakfast and Spice up any other room

great summer colors light blue bedspread and smooth Orange shade

Mandarin would the atmosphere in a patina dining room

flair great summer colors of crystal chandelier and Asia

Mixture of shades

The combination of one or more of the above listed fresh colors can look wonderful

great summer colors wall art in orange yellow pink blue agate

Can you imagine one of your rooms after the conversion in the style of pictures here! When I do, a smile on your face comes to me immediately!

Would you remodel your home in sorbet-style? Why not, really? The summer is so long!

Supple and Kuschelweich – a Blueberry dream of Austin Patterson Disston architects

great summer colors blueberries nuances of beautiful ornaments chandelier

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