Home Textiles And Home Accessories In Pastel Colors

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home textiles and home accessories InPastellfarben blue bedding

Soft pastel shades

The pastel colours are known for their calming effect. They are as soft and subtle and less than energy full of and modern views. But this season, home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors have experienced with a new rebirth.

Have you noticed the predominance of soft nuances in the spring collections? Somehow, it has entered an eye-friendly territory thanks to the help of fresh nature in this case.

The impetus: Interesting selection, such as about the combination of geometric patterns and other pastel shades. This new perspective when dealing with the classic color palettes is simply gorgeous. The new findings from the decoration world of spring do we dedicate our attention today?


Let’s start with the soft shapes and materials. Let’s talk a little bit of Pastel-colored pillows and bed linen. Modern manufacturers such as West Elm introduced within some new forms and patterns of their spring Collections. The company Nomad coverlet + Shams created pillows in vibrant shades. Note also the geometric Ziernahte, which lubricate the pillow below.

This season CB2 focuses on some delicious decorative items like the panels about 20″ cushions, which can be seen in the next picture on the Rue petal apartment sofa.

Home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

yellow home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

See the Teepe quilted (tipi quilted) cushion of the company away from LIVING right in the picture below. Triangles meet on pastel colors such as pink and Mint.

As a bonus, you can buy these geometric shapes in the form of a blanket

pillow bedding home furnishings and decorative items

Its design consists of 100% cotton fabrics. I love the way these textiles are on the border between bold and subtle.

Pastel colors with punch you can buy down the company West Elm pillow-cases

cushion pattern home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

Tablecloths in pastel colors

dining room cutlery plastic home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

This spring, we have many new “delicious” models of tablecloths. CB2 has made a large contribution there and last but not least due to the mixture of coloured dishes below. One finds Aqua, green, pink and yellow on pieces of different sizes, they decorate the tray and the small plate. The look is dominated by facets created by geometric shapes and increased margins.

These round mini bowls by CB2 are simply “delicious”. The glazed porcelain brings an important message just by its simple shape and contrast to white. Wonderful nuts and sweets can be kept in these bowls.

Purchase is in Matt Salmon, pink and glazed Mint

mini small bowl home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

Cover your table with a distinctive touch. 20 per pack, these napkins can leave a lasting impression. This applies especially to cases when combining it with cutlery and other accessories in pastel shades.

This triangular napkins from far LIVING show small and however daring forms of mint and white

napkins triangles home textiles and home accessories in pastel green

Pastel accents and decor

ornaments candle holder home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

Finally we want to show a trio of de Kobe finds you, representing the “pastel cream” of the delicious Dekokuchens of today. Crown your vignette with the waterscape in sherbet-colored candle holder from West Elm. Choose among many nuances, including soft shapes, which gently shining, while good enough to eat to look.

You are looking for an elegant way how you hide candy or other items?

geometric container home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

This pastel-coloured vessels shaped as diamonds far living are ideal. They are created by hand and made with 100% porcelain. They appear like precious stones in shades such as pink and Mint.

The last example is something that you can hang on the wall

wood shelving cubes form home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

These pieces of remote LIVING can be hung for decoration or can be used as a display area. They are also perfect as side tables for reading materials or alarm clock. They were created from smoking Oak veneer with a pastel background. These interesting findings can be hung also solo or in a group as a sort of skyline formation. So it has been below the pair!

We wanted to show the strong effect of the pastel colors you by today’s article, which you might always have not noticed! Want to take this in your home to the licence?

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