Home Trends 2017 – What Is, What Is?

Here are the colored home trends for your walls 2017!

We are at the beginning of the new year, but like every time, the time will pass this time quite quickly.  That’s why timely meet the colored home trends for 2017!  They contain many ideas for how to make winter comfortable, achieve a smooth transition to the next season, and with a few accents make your apartment total as new. In this article, we want to focus on the color of the walls.

One thing already is certain: the use of many colours in the interior design is very modern in this year!

Wall design ideas with colors of the PANTONE Institute

greenery residential trends 2017 wall paint color trends PANTONE

You can call the current color palette PANTONE basically communicative. The colors are evenly distributed in the range of hot and cold. Pale dogwood and hazelnut are clearly neutral and contain at the same time varied exciting nuances, which are good in different combinations. They serve as the perfect background color for the wall design.

Both are able to interoperate with various bold shades. Own for an accent wall is good the three variants of the Blue: Iceland paradise, Niagara, Lapis blue.

Iceland Paradise by PANTONE color Institute

residential trends 2017 Panton Institute island paradise color

The delicate pale dogwood hue is homely and inviting

residential trends 2017 color trend PANTONE pale dogwood

The other colors are quite specific and it may be that they are unsuitable in the long term for the wall design.

Coloured living trends from Sherwin Williams 2017

The color of the year is 6039 poised taupe according to Sherwin-Williams SW and it is wonderfully suitable as a background. Suvinil is the brand that stands for high quality in wall painting. It is worth to take a look at their current range. It is timeless and very modern: this wall color everyone can choose, at home need the Visual balance and feel a nostalgia for the classic.

The color trend 2017 according to Sherwin Williams

2017 residential trends paint poised taupe color trends bathroom wall decoration

2017 residential trends paint sherwin williams poised taupe

The whole collection of current shades has a similar character. It is used among others the management of stress. All colors of this collection can be used as a background. The use of these very good combinations with these PANTONE are possible. That all are nature-inspired, we recognize the names already. The mystique is here also.

The soothing Niagara color by PANTONE

2017 residential trends PANTONE color niagara of color trend living room ideas kitchen

The Mystic Lapis blue hue

residential trends colors PANTONE 2017

Experiments with painting techniques and combinations

These two brands represent good enough in their collections, the General trends. They are in a modified form in others. What we want to make you more aware, is experimenting with different techniques and combinations. These, which include neighboring shades in the palette are particularly relevant.

Liberating and calming at the same time – greenery by PANTONE Institute

greenery colour trends 2017 Panton color institute

greenery residential trends 2017 color trends PANTONE color Institute

2017 residential trends wall paint color trends PANTONE greenery Institute

wall paint Interior trends 2017 greenery schalfzimmre wall decoration wall decoration

2017 residential trends wall paint color trend greenery PANTONE Institute

PANTONE colors 2017 hazelnut living room ideas

PANTONE color Institute kale color residential trends 2017

wall color residential trends 2017 teal Panton Institute

residential trends 2017 wall paint color trends dark green living room colour design

2017 residential trends paint pastel green wall decoration wall decoration bedroom

PANTONE color trends 2017 Primrose yellow

Shadow – the purple color trend 2017 by Benjamin Moore

wall paint Interior trends 2017 shadow benjamin moore

living room ideas 2017 wall color purple Benjamin moore

Violet Verbena by PPG paints

wall color residential trends 2017 violet verbena ppg paints

2017 residential trends wall paint color trends purple verbena

Cream belongs to the timeless and universal shades

2017 residential trends wall paint color trends cream bedroom wall decoration

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