How To Choose Color Palettes And Strategies For Interior Design

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color palettes and strategies in the interior design of strip wall orange yellow

How to choose color palettes and strategies for interior design

If you are looking for paint for your room options, then look no further! When it comes to the choice of the right colour for your interior, there are no fixed rules. Many factors that play a role in your decision, are the amount of light in the room, the colors of your institution, and the overall effect you want.

Instead of giving a list of concrete steps for choosing a memorable hue, we present you some points you need to consider. The more you think about the possibilities and results, the clearer you will be about, what you want and how you can achieve it. In fact, you can determine that select instead of a single color for the entire room, can it rather an accent wall, or even a creative strategy more interesting be to try painting stripes or other outstanding technology. Have fun browsing on the images below. You will delight you with a variety of possibilities…

Paint color options

We begin with the note for a few strategies that can lead to the paint color of your dreams. One way is to match the wall color to your seat. The beautiful blue sofa below looks even more striking against walls in a similar color in this room, which was developed by Brian del Toro incorporated. The result: a strong, rich look.

Modern Blue living room

color palettes and strategies in the interior design of green pads furniture

Another technique is: you go a few shades lighter than your seating. The grey grey effect is stunning in this next featured room the sofa is several shades darker than the wall color. This varied still monochrome look sets the stage for splash of color in colors such as pink, red, and peach!

Seat with lighter wall colors

color palettes and strategies in orange red interior design pillow

Not sure how a vibrant wall color and furniture in neutral tones together to combine? Emphasize the wall color with cushions in similar shades. In the space below, vibrant blue walls with pillows are a shade or two darker, accented with patterned pillows together.

Colorful living room

color palettes and strategies at the interior design pale blue walls

Try to pick a color from the patterned textiles and paint the wall in this hue. Below we see the Sakura’s organic cotton duvet cover + pillow in desert sunset from West Elm. Note how the Red of the flowers of the blanket on the wall behind the bed is available. Don’t you think it a perfect solution for the space?

Red Wall color and duvet cover accents

color palettes and strategies at the pink wall interior design bedroom

Or use a contrasting colour! We present a picture of the quilt a blue backdrop, which is set for a striking contrast now, this time against. Sometimes an unexpected shade is exactly what the area needs. Which wall do you prefer with this bedding-the Red Wall or the blue?

Striking contrast between wall and ceiling

color palettes and strategies at the interior design bedding

We have selected a few images with the same duvet cover set a picturesque accent. Yes, change the paint color is a completely different look your facility! Below we see the bio winter Ikat duvet cover from West Elm, which is set against the backdrop of a blue gray wall. The effect is fresh and modern. Just great, isn’t it?

Duvet cover with corresponding colour shades

color palettes and strategies at the interior design bedding diamonds

In the next picture we see the same blanket, this time inside a taupe with black trim. Keep in mind how this setting the bed cover is a good earthy look. Do you think that paint is not a big difference? Think about it again!

Taupe bedroom with a colorful duvet

color palettes and strategies at the interior design bedding comfortable

Accent walls

If you are not interested in, to paint the entire room, forget the power of the accent wall. Indeed, many people enjoy the colorful accents in sections, for example here, where the wall behind the bed. A little color can make a big difference! In the space below, a vivid shade of blue adds a blast of charisma to an otherwise white room.

Vibrant blue accent wall

color palettes and white interior design strategies establishment bedroom

In fact, an accent wall is a great way to introduce a vibrant color that is perfect in small doses, how plain the orange colour in the whole atmosphere. Notice how the use of an accent wall next to the stairs, adds personality and punch to this housing.

Bright orange accent wall

color palettes and strategies at the Interior Design Orange carpet

If you have a wall that is home to a special feature such as a fireplace, you try to make accent wall of the room. It may be the natural choice because the eye is already taken on this wall, and the addition of color will emphasize the peculiarity.

Accent wall in a modern living room

color palettes and strategies at the interior design black white

Try using a fiery shade of red in the kitchen is the perfect place for a dynamic color. The culinary place below a red shade is ideally suited to neutral cabinets and countertops in the colors black and white.

Accent wall in the kitchen

color palettes and strategies at the interior design kitchen

Other painting techniques

We end with a series of special painting techniques. Because sometimes double color means double the fun! Try to paint the top half of the wall with a color and the lower half with someone else. White and olive oil is a modern statement in the space below, what does the Chester tufted sofa from West Elm:

Decorative paint on a living room wall

color palettes and strategies at the interior design sofa

Or add a wide vertical stripes behind a high piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf and create a bright background that presents your institution with a stripe of color…

Bright dash of paint in an eclectic living room

color palettes and strategies at the interior design living room

Don’t forget to add a dose of liveliness of the ceiling by painting! In fact, if your room has an unconventional shape (such as the octagonal room below), the painting can help a border along the edge of the ceiling to emphasize the shape of the room in a truly unique way.

Living room with a painted ceiling

color palettes and strategies at the interior design living room curtains

The painting of vertical lines in a room makes the room appear larger, while horizontal lines make the room look wider and longer. Below we see the alternating shades of white and cobalt blue, thanks to the use of decorative strips. Keep in mind how these colors are the perfect complement to the room of the Golden wood tones.

Striped hallway

color palettes and strategies in the design of the Interior chest of drawers

Their Strip must not be the same! In fact, the variirende width of the stripes intrigues as well as define the clean lines of the room can add. Notice how the thin Orange stripes in the next room help establishing a border between the region and the larger bands.

Stylish striped living room

color palettes and strategies at the interior design leather seat white

Do not be afraid, to be creative and give your room an own look. The shapes and colors of the color Strip below cause a vintage look that is perfect for the space of earth tones and orange accents. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling.

Retro paint design

Would you paint your room can be or maybe even do that? Do you want to use a color for the entire room? Are you a fan of the accent – wall or enjoy an unconventional approach, such as painting on the ceiling or a theme with stripes? Say your opinion by leaving a comment below! We look forward!

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