Interior Design In Emerald Green, The Color Of The Year 2013

Posted on Mar 15, 2013

emerald green facility wall curtains modern facility

Interior design in emerald-green – symbol of clarity and renewal

The PANTONE color system has selected the emerald green for the color of the year 2013. She is both as can be used in addition to – easy as well as the main color.

Interior design in emerald – green recommended by PANTONE color Institute ®

emerald green facility PANTONE number

LEATRICE EISEMAN, Executive Director of the PANTONE color Institute ® explains that pan tone selection with the symbolic properties of the Emerald – clarity, renewal and recovery, very important are that in the contemporary world. This strong color is as well as easily applicable both in the fashion and interior design.

Set refreshing accents

green Emerald modern furnishings decorative pillows nude duck pattern

To insert an accent in the room is an easy task. If green to the color scheme in your room, then you can add the current color through a few accessories, such as cushion, Bowl, vases, chairs, curtains and etc. You could make new cushion your old chairs, and so you would easily integrate the emerald green in your living room or dining room. You can delete a drawer or a little coffee table also emerald green.

The Greens are very soothing

green Emerald modern institution walls table fireplace flowers

To introduce major changes in the institution, you paint just one wall in emerald green and then you have a whole new look. Color accents fit well in contrasting colors such as yellow or blue.

Make yourself an original decoration

Emerald up-to-date interior design wall frame images

If you do not like the mentioned ideas, you can take a piece of fabric in shades of emerald green, get a nice setting, and it make a mural. This is an inexpensive and original idea that you could complement with other colors.

Emerald is a spot colour and can be mixed with other such tones, such as for example Amethyst-, Zitrin-, Saphirfarben. Black and white are perfect to achieve a balance.

Small details can have a big impact

interior design in emerald green accents Bachelor Chair

Gorgeous leather chair

green Emerald set up modern armchair noble

Let new upholster your chairs or sofa

Green color scheme

You reach a balance with lighter shades interior design in emerald green up-to-date modern decoration elements

interior design in emerald green wall racks table

Currently for the bathroom

green Emerald modern furnishings bathroom mirror tiles

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