Living Colour – Grey And Yellow

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living room color design flooring wood

Without a doubt, grey is the currently hottest neutral shade in the interior design!

That remains unchanged for a few years! While the trend doesn’t let up at all!

Why do you use not the summer to introduce this shade at your home also? So, the take care there for more style and relaxation. Often combined with nuances of white, black and silver grey. But it is also different. You can pair different grey shades. Such an approach, one can insert also Flash yellow accents.

Many modern houses introduce grey with much joy. If you would look at pictures on this topic, you will be amazed how many different shades of grey exist.

Here, you can reach a super individual and not unforgettable look displayed by adding bright accents such as above.

This look is a playful, modern and class. It is suitable for all who want to combine the upscale with the quirky.

Living room color design

living room color design grey yellow fireplace

Only two yellow pillows can enhance the whole ambience of the Mono-chromatic

living room color black flooring

Grey and black as a color combination

living colours white pastel colours black

Sofa upholstered in yellow Velvet

living room colour design yellow sofa upholstered comfortable cozy

Cool, changeable accents

living room color design comfortable atmosphere

There are so many ways that you can integrate grey and yellow in the living area. While that must be not overwhelming. Pull the combination of grey background and yellow accents into consideration. Can revive in a surprising way the space vases, cushion, flowers or other small objects or pieces of furniture. This approach is very simple, inexpensive, and you can easily change the color palettes. The grey-blue color palette is not a method, which can be surely long date.

If you like but, you should consider the same shade consider the combinations of a darker grey background with bright accents

living room colors warm ambience wood varnish gloss

While the lighter shades of gray represent an ideal background for yellow, the darker shades for the gain of a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere can get.

This variation is especially suitable for regions that have a cold climate

living pattern carpet colour design window living room corner sofa

Leather armchair for reading suitable

living room color grey yellow leather black

Yellow spring flowers freshen the atmosphere

living room color design curtains table lamps window light light

Grey sofa

living room color design floor rug soft yellow grey wall

Thematically to create small living room

living room coffee table small colour scheme traditionally wall

Provide for black magic

living room fireplace color coating

Decorating with gray does not mean that you can hold only on these two colors.

Black works well with the two colours and also with the combo as such, provided, the gray is light and gentle

colour grey wall yellow pillows living room

Living room and dining room in one

living room color design dining room floor lamp black lamp shade

City apartment

living room color design townhouse carpet yellow floor lamp

Built-in ceiling lighting

living room fireplace window colour scheme installed ceiling lighting

Soft-touch surface

living colour design yellow curtains grey wall

In contrast to the kitchen and the bath, the curtains can play a leading role for the general mood in your living room. If you want to improve the mood, then you are just right. You can see beautiful, silky curtains in combination with grey walls. You seem like a pair of paradise.

You could turn around actually also the roles! Try it with soft yellow on the wall and accents through the shading on the curtains.

In all cases, you should have the matching window curtains if you opt for this dynamic duo

traditional living room colour themed facility

Upholstered furniture – butter-yellow pattern

living room warm ambience armchair colour design pattern wall Chair

Large living room

living room color design ceiling fireplace

Flash yellow

living room houseplants zebra pattern colour design sofa plants room

Varied and refined

living room stool soft color stripe rug

The usual idea is that grey-yellow in contemporary, modern, transitional spaces looks especially good. That’s why many designers limit on the application of this combo in such spaces. Actually this duo in virtually every style can enroll. As you have seen on the pictures, it looks very good in the rural as well as in the eclectic atmosphere.

In traditional spaces, it looks also great

living room designer luminaires colour design wall colors

Stone wall with built-in fireplace

living stone wall natural colours chromatic wall

Industrial lines in the living room

industrial living room color design modern city style

Traditional living room furniture

living room traditional furnishing ideas colour design sofa table

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