Modern Colors In The Modern Kitchen – Yellow, Blue, Beige

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modern colours azure grey and cream yellow

Modern colors in the modern kitchen

Might have planned it a renovation of your kitchen and are currently plagued by a few questions, such as-how I find modern colors? Today, we want to show you, which are the most modern colors of a stylish designed kitchen, and you can of course decide whether you like them or not.

What is this season in? -The current models focus colour on cooking, cocktail – and baking ingredients. A pinch of curry-yellow, a splash of Blue Curacao, or prefer a little wheat beige maybe?

The most popular shades are now in the modern kitchen
modern colors of turmeric and Curacao combination

Plus the devices that make your day-to-day work much easier!

1. spice tones

From turmeric-yellow saffron orange peppers red. All of these colors are intense and located in the warm range. According to Farbpsychologen, they should stimulate the appetite, so perfectly suited for the kitchen. How can you combine them? -Of course in a clear environment with lots of white, then the spice notes unfold its full radiance. And a tip from us: these shades are so powerful, they simply speak for themselves you!

High gloss, the colors radiate more sophistication

modern colours glossy Cabinet fronts and floor

2. strong as turmeric

Orange was very popular for many years in the kitchen design. Now, it can quickly cause a retro touch and remind us of the 60s.

The modern colour, turmeric is now, we can see it on Matt lacquer fronts as well as in combination with white

yellow cabinets and modern colors of Orange Chair

3. Curacao blue

Here we have an exotic cocktail in the trendy colours! Mixing is the keyword here! They need but necessarily color partner select the blue and green do family and combine them with grey, black and white.

It is well known, blue and green make the atmosphere quiet and brush up on it at the same time

modern colours glossy kitchen rear wall in blue and lime green

So get a great look!

modern colours: Sea Blue Lime and white

4. sparkling like a tropical shower

In two different colors top and cabinets are very popular among kitchen designers in principle.

For example, true light blue on white and black and creates an airy atmosphere

modern colors Curacao blue barrier system with microwave

5. grain tones

If you want to make your kitchen in the muted tones of cereals and grains, she will look intended of course, comfortable and timeless! No matter in which composition – the beige and bright shades of Brown we experience as warm and grounded. Also they brought structures and materials.

Wood in the kitchen design is not only in demand, it is always modern, it emphasises the natural character of the atmosphere

modern colors eclectic in with blue walls

Tradition meets modernity

modern colors turmeric nuance in the kitchen

So, these are the latest trends in the design of a modern kitchen.

We hope to have you been today help our a few tips. We wish you much fun in the redesign of your kitchen where you will use modern colors!

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