Stylish Interior In Grey – Multifunctional Decision

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stylish interior in Grau Blau contrast wood wall

Stylish interior in grey – can mingle with all colours

Gray is a color often used in the Iterior design. In addition to all shades of white, it is a popular and represents contemporary color, elegance and grace. Grey can be used in every room – the living room, with dining room to the kitchen. Dark grey tones combine easily with neutral and brighter colors. They are often used to create a contrast. Lighter grey stands well with stronger colors – pink, neon green, yellow, turquoise, purple.

In silver or metallic tones, the gray looks very classy. Such a combination makes opulent and luxurious the room.

Some grays have undertones – pink-grey, blue grey, purple grey. You are apt to experiment.

Stylish interior in grey – perfect background color

grey dining room chandelier window sunlight flowers

Light grey tones combine easily with bright colors

grey colour contrast red sofa white turquoise cage flowers

A mural can put a wonderful accent

grey sofa picture purple pink tulips flowers pillow

Neutral color scheme

grey sofa picture wallpaper cushion armchair carpet

Delicate colour combination with gold accents

grey sofa pattern contrast pillows gold accentsRoyal atmosphere

stylish interior in Grau Hell monochrome chandelier

Successful establishment

stylish interior in grey purple pillow Rosa Dunkel

A flower can play important role

stylish interior in Grau Schwarz Nuetral book flower zebra pattern

Contrasting background colour

Stilvollesn Interior in Grau Weiß contrast images birds sofa

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