The Five Feng Shui Elements And Their Colors

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Feng Shui elements colors bottles

Feng Shui elements – fire, Earth, metal, water and wood

The colors correspond to the five elements – fire, Earth, metal, water and wood in the Feng Shui .

Use the power of colours and you will affect slightly the energy in your home, to create a good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui elements – the power of colors

Feng Shui colors colorful color scheme

The element fire – passion and strong power

Colours – red, Orange, purple, pink, deep yellow

Warm color scheme of fire colors

Feng Shui colors red yellow pink violet

The element of Earth – supply and stability

Colors – bright yellow, beige, skin colors, earth tones

Neutral shades combine well with bold colors

Feng Shui colors natural shades

The element metal – clarity and accuracy

Colors – gray, white

Metal colors – gray and white

Feng Shui elements colors white gray

The element water – peace and abundance

Colors – Blue, black

Water colors – from lighter to darker shades of blue

Feng Shui elements water blue colors

The element of wood – development and vitality

Colors – green, Brown

Green is one of the colors of the wood

Feng Shui elements colors Grün Braun

The five Feng Shui elements

Feng Shui elements water graphic metal wood fire Earth

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