The Walls At Home Painting – Tips And Ideas For Harmonious Color Combination

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the walls at home painting blue idea living room

Paint the walls at home – harmonic color combination in the apartment

Color plays an important role at the different textures no doubt, just as the choice of a proper shine is particularly important. Most likely you want to prepare a bit, before you begin painting at home. Anyone who can following shine tips used in different areas are depending on what you want to express and what does to meet the color. Some colors are easier to wash when compared to others. About shine in the apartment is perfect for hiding imperfections on the wall. It can be used in such small spaces such as hallways, bedrooms, even on the ceiling.

Some tips before you begin painting at home!

The walls at home paint brush gloss colors

The gloss has a glossy sheen. It is suitable only for pristine walls or small spaces and decorative elements.

However, there are paints containing not much gloss. You can use it for areas with high humidity, where frequent cleaning is required.

Eggshell (another kind of gloss paint) is well known and so used more than reflective color.

Pale green very soothing colors

the walls at home painting brush green pale

Please note the following tips before you begin at home with the walls painting!


Brushes are synthetic or natural bristles. Oil paints can be laid with natural or synthetic bristle brushes, while latex paints should be used only with synthetic brushes. Here we would have to add, he has many shapes and sizes at the brush, you need to make the right choice!

Necessary materials

the walls at home paint colors shine LaTeX

Wall brushes are up to 10 cm long and well suited for coating flat surfaces in principle 7.5 cm. There are of course extra small brushes with straight edges, which easily can be painted on doors and Windows.

Tip 1: holding brushes with a shallow end less colour than those with a beveled end. The same applies to the role. There are two types of roles – synthetic and natural, and if it comes to that you need to choose the right role, select the same tip as with the brushes!

harmonious, pale colors in the living room

colors painting painting wall House idea tips

With ornamental patterns – the walls at home even embellish creative brush

the walls at home painting brushes floral ornamental pattern

Tip 2: If you have to paint a rough surface, should be the role long. The rougher the surface, the longer the role! Make also a short role of quality test: press the role and if it is good, it comes back again quickly in their form.

Tape can be useful when painting

the walls at home painting tape protection not painting

Tip cover everything that you don’t want to paint with a tape 3:. If you want to have some splashes, make holes with a nail. Since your painting looks super interesting!

Here are some ideas for comfortable interior design with harmonious color palette

the walls at home painting blue color living room Modern home office in green coloursthe walls at home painting green living room Office desk purple nursery – girlish, playful atmospherethe walls at home painting purple nursery

Amber wall and accents in the living room

the walls at home painting Orange staircase living room

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