Tri-color Designs In Red, White And Blue

Posted on Mar 15, 2013

tri-color equipment red white blue hallway classically glamorous

Tri-color designs in red, white and blue – beautiful color combination

Combined color scheme in red, white and blue is a great choice if you need a light color solution for your interior. This color combination fits perfectly to every room at home from the living room through the nursery up to the kitchen. Select the dominant color and use the other two as secondary and akzentuierend.

Blue and red on white – tri-color designs

tri-color designs red-white-blue living extravagant

The white color is a neutral background in the apartment, where each color makes a double appearance. Use blue and red to create a consistent, harmonious atmosphere. For example, you could choose blue furniture and red accents to add or vice versa.

An example of the staircase in this color scheme designed

tri-color device red white blue staircase page table floor lamp

Bathroom and bedroom – white interior and accentuating colors to red and blue

tri-color designs red white blue bath bedroom idea

White on red or blueThe White is a great, neutral color to accentuate inputs, window frames and other architectural details in blue or red interiors. It compensates for the bold color scheme and adds variety to.

Original, classic design in the hallway – practical vanity table

tri-color interior red white blue hallway old-fashioned elegant

Set up a living room, American-style

tri-color designs red-white-blue floor cozy living room

Different shades

When you choose the intensity of the colors, make sure, that she are well combined. You can choose different shades and nuances instead of bright blue and red colors. As for the white, can the broken white and cream tones combine to create a more interesting red, white and blue color scheme.

Dominant white color in the living area – red and blue accents plusOriental decorative elements tri-color designs red white blue floor Oriental motifs

Cosy and pleasant atmosphere in the living room

tri-color designs Red White Blue Corridor living room sofa cushion strips

Comfortable bedroom – blue walls and red and white bedding

tri-color interior design red white blue bedroom extravagant living room in bright colors

tri-color designs red-white-blue living room wallpaper

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