Wall Colors In The Bedroom Immediately In The Eye Jumping

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wall colors In the Green and white bedroom combined bed

Wall colors in the bedroom, jumping in the eye

A new year has come and many use this fresh start as the perfect opportunity to change the image of her apartment by a few new dashes. The sleeping room is the first room you see after you have unlocked your eyes in the morning, and the last fleeting impression that capture your senses, if you fall asleep in the evening after a long day, coming back from him. Is there actually a better idea of how you can refresh your home, as the idea of a brand new coat of paint in the bedroom?

Bedroom – before and after the wall painting

wall colors In the Green and white canopy bed bedroom

Today, we introduce four wall color options for your boudoir. Every shade is possible in their own individual way, not only for this reason but also because of their versatile application because it makes the room through a memorable tone striking. Below you will find a wide range of photos that prove the feasibility of each individual color in a variety of different device types from traditional to ultra-modern. Not to mention that we have used some upbeat surprises that include several tips for a guaranteed outstanding interior design, so you’re in Vaishnava security, absolutely stylish to have started the new year.

Emerald green in the bedroom

wall colors In the Green and white bedroom Chair flower pattern

We start for the year 2013 Panteones color: Emerald green. Elegance, naturalness, dynamics – the emerald-green color evokes all this and more. Not to notice that this shade is suitable best for the acquisition of all green wonder of the outside inward, by outdoors in the comfort of home. The deep stone shadowing of this color can add gloss even the simplest rooms, ceramic she makes penetrate into every little corner of life and energy. Soothing and calming, but also amazingly distinctive, emerald green is the undeniable choice of color for this year. Below we see an emerald bedroom with a truly captivating accent on one of the walls, which is celebrating the power of the precious minerals.

Emerald has also the property to look fresh and clear. Even the most pursten furnished bedrooms can be refreshed with this shade of green, as shown in the next picture.

As an additive, with plant motifs can be used to give rooms that are dressed up with this year’s winner under the shades of green, a rich décor.

wall colors In the Green and white bedroom night table lamp white lamp shade many emerald green bedroom revel in patterns of the Hollywood Regency style like the grid similar to decorated blanket in the photo below

Our next bedroom was presented in an earlier article by Decoist under the heading of designs in jewel tones. Notice the enlightening effect can have a slightly darker shade of green when it is with lamps and artwork in true emerald green tones in a confrontation.

Saturated Emerald colors – curtains and wall mirror

wall colors In the bedroom of green and white linen curtains

If you do not decide to repaint your walls, so you can add always accents in the chosen color! In the figure below walls with a special texture can be seen, looming more clearly by adding in curtains in rich shades of emerald green. Of take Notz, how exactly those sounds are reflected in the mirror, he assumes itself by its frame, so that the overall effect of the emerald green is enhanced as a result.


The color Tangerine was Tango or Mandarin Pan tone color for the year 2012. Don’t think that this color has exhausted itself already! Actually, it is a still often encountered color in the year 2013! Red and orange meet in an incredible blend that asserts itself in every room that adorns it, at this fiery shade. Below we see a wall in joyful Mandarin color, whose ton is captured by the fresh white color, covering throughout the rest of the room.

Vivid orange color

positive bright wall colors In Orange room

When we talk about white, we must also emphasise that accents and decorative elements can particularly excellent contrast in this clear hue with bold Tangerine shades. Grant himself the crunchy effect, which produce white furniture, white light and the white piece of decoration on the table at the next frame.

Cozy bedroom design – orange walls

wall colors In the Orange wall white bedroom headboard upholstered

There is a different tone that stands out in a combination with the Tangerine color?  Of course purple! Check out below the bed train himself, that which excels in anilinrot – and purple shades. 

Playful, cheerful colorspurple pink linen wall colors In Orange room

Sometimes all you need is a single cheerful color. Another time is the magic in the number of them. Yellow, red, Orange and Fuchsin can combine is awarded to a colorful bedroom as in the picture below, which already has been shown in a previous post at Decoist under the heading of design ideas for small bedroom, to make. Sunset shadows in their finest form!

Feminine bedroom décor with style

wall colors In the bedroom lively bedding pillow yellow bed frame

Have you ever imagined, the Tangerine color could be completely elegant? Mainly through his disguise the room reveals eye-catching furnishings in Hollywood Regency style, as well as his furniture, works of art and accents in complementary shades of blue, below, that this color can embody gloss.

In establishing combines classic and modern

wall colors In the bedroom orange white linen headboard books

Midnight Blue

Now we calm down the mood a bit mi t of a soothing shade of midnight. So kind of you, what is this color? It is designed to produce the sensation of depth, without being dark. You perfectly manages to include, without being a cliché to the nautical notes. Modern to work without becoming infertile. And she utterly also so strange, that it reveals itself as a masculine, without excluding the feminine elegance. What is than not to love? Below is a bedroom in Midnight blue from an apartment decorated by icon interiors in London.

Whimsical, romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

wall colors In the bedroom dark blue modern midnight

Thanks to a latticed views with industrial overtones, the below blue bedroom has an undeniably modern look that makes all the more suitable the therein existing metal accents for a such a unique room!

More beautiful color palettes in the bedroom Enjoy the variety of designs

wall colors In the bedroom dark blue modern comfortable

In the next room, the Midnight Blue makes the ideal background for shades of white, black and lichtazurfarbenen tones.

dark blue male style wall colors In the bedroom

Insert decorative elements in fresh white! Thanks to the nautical associations which raises it, blue can cause a sensation of summer in every season, especially when it is faced a white furnishings (and round mirrors that remind of portholes)!

wall colors In the bedroom mirror night table lamp classic

Can Midnight Blue seem even rural? Decide for! Below, we can distinguish eclectic-style shelves full of books and a small set with decorative objects against the background of a wall accented by Midnight blue. A playful artwork with neon accents keeps from the room to be taken too seriously!

wall colors In the bedroom dark blue accent white duvets

Sour yellow

We conclude with a shade of color for the walls of the bedroom down, that will simply blow your sense of aesthetics! Or she will rob you at least your breath! Sour yellow is a strong shade of yellow color with just a small hint of green. This color can be seen very often in combination with natural obstructions of Brown, as the image below shows.

wall colors In the bedroom bright yellow butterflies pattern

Let now in the elegant room of a ultra modern bedroom. Again, shades of Brown act as preferred accent colors, while the brilliance of sour yellow limited on closet doors, shelves, head Board of the bed and desk drawers. So, this is a useful indication of how you can keep the powerful color in check!

wall colors fitted wardrobe In the bedroom yellow mattress

Now we make a reversal in the traditional, the regarding specifically this color at the least is expected, especially since she achieved their effect in female bedroom shown below in a cheerful combination with salmon-pink nuances and shades of green.

wall colors In the bedroom playful cheerful design yellow green Orange

Let’s stick with the girly style. No! Let’s go deeper. This Mäschenschlafzimmer draws its powerful effect of saturated colors such as pink and green. It is hard to imagine that the same effect with just white walls to reach would be, don’t you think?

wall colors In the bedroom yellow chandeliers feminine

We close us end up with the figure of a room that is able to produce a sour-yellow colored mood through juxtaposition of goldgelbfarbenen walls and green floor. White fabric to prevent the subjugation of the space through the colors.

wall colors In the bedroom yellow sunlight attic

That has drawn your attention of all colors today? Maybe you can admire the strong saturated, enriched themselves with the nuances of the gemstone emerald green, according to PANTONE color of the year? Or you’re probably fascinated by the penetrating fire of the Tangerine color.  It may also be that you are already immersed in the mild elegance of Midnight blue. Would you let act contrary to common expectations and sour yellow paint on the walls of your bedroom? Share with your thoughts us by leave a comment below…

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