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History and current method of brainstorming method

The brainstorming method is mentioned very often. The part is probably also because that alone the term so interesting and exciting sounds, doesn’t it?

But it’s something that is certainly very seriously. That’s why we have decided to devote more time to this matter.

The beginning

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The brainstorming method is something quite concrete, and it has its beginning in the history. But you might be surprised, when and where it all started. The brainstorming method have been discovered by the Vikings, etc. They have applied this every time, if they were in a difficult situation during their long journeys. At such moments, the crew of the ship has gathered. Anyone who independently has his proposal made by its position in the hierarchy, how to solve the situation. Even the youngest has first and starting with the lowest in the hierarchy. The captain has spoken to the end. The decision was then made the way of the group one should follow what idea.

The story goes on

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During the second world war, the English officer Alex Faickney Osborne has gathered his team at the ship. He challenged everyone individually so that, to give an idea how you could protect themselves from the German torpedoes. The variants were very different – from the method and the setting. Some suggested real funny stuff and others were quite serious in the matter.

Think creatively

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It came out a very good invention. Some of the sailors said that when they see the foam by the torpedoes, then all can join together on the Board to blow. Then, you would move the carrier. First everyone laughed. But Alex Faickney Osborne has gone in the history with one of these ideas that has to do with this funny hypothesis. He has installed a screw on the side of the ship. Thanks to this, a jet of water runs around the ship around. He is much less vulnerable to the torpedoes the ships. The career of the torpedoes could be changed slightly thus on the ship along. Thus, it avoided many lethal hits.

The definition of the term

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The emergence of certain terms whose definition is by far not the first thing that happens. This happens in the case of the brainstorming method in 1953 by the psychologists A. Osbern. It happened in the context of his book “applied imagination”.


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The brainstorming method is used to promote the activity of the brain. To use that for many students, where you would like to promote especially creative thinking. It includes the generating of ideas, analysis of the problem situation, evaluation of ideas and generate counter ideas. To promote the jokes, the quiet and informal atmosphere. In a brainstorming session, there are no “dumb ideas”. For our fun such as the second world war has shown, can bring someone on an ingenious idea of fun.


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Not do you know these situations in your own life?

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Unconventional thinking and write down everything

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Teamwork brainstorming method examples online creative

Specially designed work areas

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