Contemporary Art Challenges Our Sensibility In Wood

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea Portait

The contemporary art represents the religious order of the universe

The South Korean artist and sculptor Jae-Hyo Lee is a virtuoso of the transformation. He draws stunning works of art which have both functional and elegant properties of discarded tree trunks.  The incredible wooden structures are the result of a meticulous work.

Jae-Hyo Lee creates his sculptures made of unprocessed wood

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea Chair

The artist works in ‘Cooperation’ with nature and bows to their creative powers at the same time

contemporary art studio of artist bow

Made of wood and metal, Lee molds unimaginably organic worlds

contemporary art wood sculptures furniture

First he’s collecting different strains of wood burning and grinds down to and including carefully. Thus he creates Visual contrasts and a fascinating smooth surface. The artist deals with the eternal cycle of life and death. His beliefs have a religious background, whose roots in the Buddhist faith to find. The figures represent the female origin – the receptive, the fertile, the childbirth and also the at the same time vulnerable essence of nature. As the opposition, the sculptor adds bent nails. They symbolize the eternal dynamic of life, the creative, the male, the flowering… The penetrating metal elements fulfill the role of the universe that powerfully and significantly influences the behavior of nature.

Through his works, the artist collects knowledge about the cosmic order a lifetime

contemporary art studio of artist

The Buddhist wisdom strongly influenced his performances

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea Galelrie

The bent nails represent the creative in nature, resembling sperm

contemporary art nails

In the art of Jae-Hyo Lee, we find a universal semantics

contemporary art sphere

The sculptor deals long a life with the texture of wood

contemporary art Bank

The work of the truly is saturated with symbolic meanings, but his “cooperation” with nature is still curious how he sums up his entire art.  Lee reflects the essence of nature and the cosmos, by using organic colors, shapes, and patterns for his sculptures.

Jae-Hyo Lee BB´s’s wish to present the original properties of the wood as well as possible, without altering the material. The aim of the artist is as close as possible to reflect the pure feeling of wood. The sum of many parts delivered the impression of power and emotional energy.

A complex technology makes possible the processing of material

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea wood wool

The symbolism in the Lee of BB´s sculptures has almost a magical effect

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea in scene law

The wooden pillars of the artist are often a part of urban art installations

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea urban

The South Korean sculptor creates much more than contemporary art.  His focus is on the geometric shapes, such as for example spheres.  With its complex technology, Jae-Hyo Lee tree trunks into perfectly shaped Globes, pillars and objects that resemble furniture.

The native Koreans completes his artistic training in Hong Kong. The 50-year-old sculptor can be fascinated by the textures of the wood and dedicated his whole life to the natural material. His wood-on-wood are compositions as a playful dispute with facet-rich nature of the wood can be interpreted.

The difference to other contemporary artists is that Lee BB´s are also practically applicable works

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea

The South Koreans grinds off the wood laboriously until the surface is completely smooth

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea forming

The egg symbol takes also place in Lee BB´s artistic interpretations

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea smooth

The human senses are strongly challenged by his art

contemporary art wood sculptures South Korea recliner

From the far away saw the sculptures resemble from modelling clay made

contemporary art studio of artist figures

The precise art requires much time, patience and skillful hands

contemporary art studio of the artist at work

The results are indeed stunning and admirable

contemporary art studio of artist mirroring

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