Essential Oils And Their Effect – Aromatherapy With Fragrance Oils

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fragrance oils essential oils effect Lavender

Essential oils: effects and dynamics

Yes, exactly. Essential oils have an effect with different dynamics. In their usage, this is also of fundamental importance. We know from experience that it is important to understand these exactly and to understand. Because sometimes this is exactly crucial, if one must choose the right product.

What represents the dynamics of the effects of essential oils?

essential oils aromatherapy exotic effect

The effect of essential oils as such is dynamic. They penetrate the body. Then they develop their effect. After they leave the body in a very informal manner.

The next stage of the dynamics of the action of the essential oils is the unfolding of the substances that remain in the body. This can be felt not only in the next few hours, but also in the next few days.

Essential oils: effect on some levels

essential oils aromatherapy effect bath

At the same time, the essential oils show their effect on several different levels. They are beneficial for the institutions, the functions, the tissue. This benefit also the fluids, the cells, the subtle energy. Essential oils have a remarkably powerful effect, even if they are diluted. The interesting thing is really that small and large dose show equally good effect. This has been demonstrated by many different concrete investigations.

Synergistic effect of essential oils

essential oils aromatherapy effect shell

The effect of essential oils can be described as synergistic actually. This is also linked to its dynamics and is actually a proof for this dar. More concrete and colloquial said, it means that the essential oils are more effective when several are used side by side. E

The mixture of two to five is actually as usual in modern aroma therapy

fragrance oils essential oils effectively

It is good to know that an applying attenuates the effect of six and more already. They say in medicine, were there no explanation. If we are somewhat metaphysical but in our reflections, then you can say again the following: the effect of everything is always best when you have balance. Too small or too large doses can be good. Especially with products that come from nature and go down any large artificial processing, you can see the effectiveness of this principle.

Unfold the effect of essential oils by mixing with other substances

fragrance oils essential oils effect colorful

Do we want the essential oils, which consider the effect and dynamics under a different point of view? Let us then discuss how they unfold, when combined with other substances. Bergamot is a great example in this respect. The pairs with jasmine leads to get it an own effect.

In conjunction with Orange’s has a more calming effect

fragrance oils essential oils effect colorful essential oils

The effect of this essential oil of combination with lavender and tea tree is antiseptic. If you want to refresh yourself and promote your tone, you mix bergamot with Lavender.

By the way, if you are new in the aroma therapy, you could start with bergamot. It is very suitable for this purpose.

essential oils aromatherapy riverstones effect River stones work here very appropriately

Herbal oils

Naturkosmetik ideas healthy aroma therapy essential oils

Fragrance oils provide relaxation and tranquility

essential oils aromatherapy green yellow effect

Very discreet and of course

essential oils effect aromatherapy purple candle

Asian motifs

effect of aromatherapy oils Asian

Flowers of Garden Roses

fragrance oils essential oils effect flowers

Relaxing moments relaxing ideas healthy essential oils

Our favorite Lavender

fragrance oils essential oils effect Flussteine Lavender

Lavender aromatherapy scented oils etheric oils purple colors

Represented several oils

fragrance oils essential oils mixed effect

Healthy solution

fragrance oils essential oils effect green

Essential oils of coconut

fragrance oils essential oils effect coconut

Garden Lavender

Lavender herb and essential oil

Orange and cinnamon

fragrance oils essential oils effect Orange cinnamon

Absolutely stunning aromatherapy

fragrance oils essential oils effect Rosa

Several fragrance oils

fragrance oils essential oils effect diversity

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