Fasting And The Benefits For Your Health

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fasting weight loss fruits vegetables

Fasting – is this the correct way to improve your health?

The fasting is common in different cultures in one or another form. We know that even in the Western forms of Christianity. Performing there will be before Easter.

The Orthodox Christians, the Greeks, for example, also has a period of fasting before Christmas. At this time, to eat only vegan products. But like all traditions, even the fasting from the context may be removed. These traditions were in other times and in other manners. You wanted to give compensation to habits as a result, which are no longer common in modern times. The human body was different also in the emergence of these traditions. We are not saying that fasting is a bad idea. She must find the appropriate form for our today’s everyday life like everything else.

Fresh and energetic with fasting

fasting weight loss fresh energy

The mental aspect of fasting

It is modern and also very right to our opinion nowadays to consider the diseases and well-being at the same time as a condition of the body and of the spirit. For this reason, the fasting is also something you must deeply internalize. Instructions can be found in all religious texts, including the Bible.

Substances, thoughts, habits, which you exaggerated it, must now out from the head and body of the people. At least for a while. The first and normal result is that you need this not so much after this fasting period. It cleans itself from harmful accumulations in the body and mind. It is separated from dependencies.

When the fasting eat fresh vegetables

fasting weight loss vegetables

Fasting, but won’t go hungry

In this chapter, we want to criticize the one or other religion definitely not. Here is the speech, which every person can realize in his everyday life, is also actively working from one form of fasting. It’s the fasting, but looks like a conversion of the food regime. Taking too much food to themselves, but this is this time vegan and has many nutrients, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, we have enough energy for our mental and physical work. It is still exciting, because we manage to discover various new taste and food types. Thus, the fasting can evolve into a great, motivating experience. Many people learn at this time really, really healthy to eat. This newfound habits like them and they are transferred in the usual everyday life after the end of the fasting.

A colorful salad of tomato, cucumber and avocado

fasting slimming salad cucumber tomato avocado

There is often direct, very significant health benefits. The larger variety in the food, leaving far too many substances and collecting new directly causes the stomach intestine system feel better. Often, one discovers energy reserves, which were collected in unexpected amounts in the organism, but whose potential could not be deployed until now.

How does it looks like? Do you start fasting after the holidays and prepare your body for a healthier life with few weeks?

Dates are perfectly suited for your fasting

dates fast weight loss

Lemon water is alkaline and detoxifies the body

fast slimming lemon water

Delicious vegetarian Eggplant rolls

stuffed eggplant fast weight loss

Delicious vegetable casserole

fast weight loss vegetable casserole

Lentil stew with parsley

fasting removing lenses parsley

Polenta with pesto and Sun-dried tomatoes

fast weight loss Meisbrei Basil sundried tomatoes

Vegetable risotto

rice vegetables fast weight loss

Drink as many vegetable juices as possible

fasting weight loss juice fruit vegetables

Spaghetti with mushrooms and peas

fasting weight loss spaghetti mushrooms peas

Spinach and spaghetti

fasting weight loss spaghetti spinach

Vegetarian salad

fasting weight loss vegan

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